First Day of School

My first born had his very first day of school today.  He was up early this morning, got himself ready, and had his backpack packed last night and he was ready to go.  I told myself I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to cry.   So as he was leaving and I had to reach up to hug his 6″ 1′ frame, I was able to smile as I looked at his clean-shaven face.  My son has been home schooled all his life, he is a senior this year and he wanted the Public High School experience.  We are now in an area where I am comfortable with this decision.  It’s a small high school in a small town.  He’s made a lot of friends already over the summer, and….we live right across the street. =]

He will be turning 18 in a couple of weeks.  It is funny how turning 18 seems so magical and you really think you’ll be an adult as you anticipate that big day.  But as a parent you realize there’s a fine line, that you wish was broader, between being a teenager and an adult, especially with boys.  But I know this experience will be good for him and I am excited and look forward to see what this year has in store for him.  But when June comes, and he’s in his cap and gown, there is no doubt, and I won’t be able to talk myself out of it…I am going to cry.

Chuckle of the day

The other day my oldest son Joshua decided that he was going to start getting up at 6:00 a.m. He was having trouble getting up in the morning to start school at 9:00 a.m. so his solution is to take it to the extreme and get up way before he needs to.  Me, I like to sleep as long as I can, but that’s me.  So he set several clocks to be sure he would get up.  I did inform him to be quiet as to not disturb anyone else.  Well Elijah (8) decided that he was going to join his big brother.  So he got ready for bed and off he went to sleep.  The next morning the clock(s) goes off and they both get up.  While Joshua was in the bathroom, I heard Elijah get up and he knocked on the door and said, “Josh, is it still night time?”  He had never been up that early.  So that was the joke for the day.  Later that day he was having some trouble focusing in school since he was up so early.  So I told Cook what was happening, and Cook said, “Give him a break, you know he just woke up last night.”  We also heard him telling Olivia that him and Josh had so much fun “last night.”  

Well we made it through those first couple of days, and now they get up early every morning with no problem.  We’ll see what happens when we have to set our clocks back!!

Chuckle of the Day

Oh the joys of homeschooling.  Today, I was sitting at the table with Elijah, Joshua and Benji.  Joshua was working on his own thing, I was reading science to Elijah, we were learning about leaves.  But of course Benji had to put in his two cents.  But he does it very politely, by raising his hand.  But by the third interruption, I just had to let him keep his hand raised, and just motioned to him to wait.  So I continue reading.  But Joshua decides to put Benji’s hand down.  As he brings his hand down, the other one goes up, so he tries to put this hand down, and the first one goes up.  This went on for a couple of seconds back and forth, while we all tried not to laugh, put couldn’t help it.  I felt like I was watching an old Laurel & Hardy movie.  Needless to say, laughing is a wonderful stress buster, and is needed often when homeschooling with a 3-year old!!

First Day Back

We had a good first day back to school.  It may take me a couple of days to get my day to day thing going, since I have the twins doing 7th grade, and Elijah is in 2nd.  I need to get the older two working so I can focus with Elijah.  Not to mention, he is just so excited with school, and not very patient when waiting for me.  I made the candy bars for them, and when I gave it to them, Elijah was too excited.  He was like thanks mom, these are the best ever.  Everything to him is the best ever!!  But he is such a grateful kid.  I don’t know how many times he thanked me today for school.  If that doesn’t want to make you keep going, I don’t know what does.  So the 3 “school kids” got the Back to the Books bars, and Benji of course got something special.  He received a Back To Benji Bar, since all he has to do is be Benji.  He was as thrilled as Elijah was to get his.  He is Elijah’s shadow, whatever Elijah says or does, Benji repeats him.  I also made the Oreo Surpise dessert for them, and as I mentioned yesterday, here is the recipe.  Most people probably know this as “Dirt”, but we of course add a little twist to it, and make it Oreo Surprise, (it’s a nicer name too).

1 pkg Double Stuff Oreo Cookies
1 pkg Regular Oreo Cookies
12 oz. tub of Cool Whip
5.1 oz. Jell-O Instant Vanilla Pudding
2 cups milk
Maraschino Cherries

First, put the Oreos in the freezer for about 45 minutes to an hour.  Then take them out, and crush them in a blender or food processor, until they are fine crumbs (that resemble dirt).  I usually use one whole package of Double Stuff, and about 1 1/2 rows of regular.  Set aside.  Mix the Cool Whip, vanilla pudding and milk with an electric mixer.  Let stand for about 5 minutes.  In an 8 1/2 X 11 cake pan, start off with a thin layer of Cool Whip mixture, then layer Oreo cookies, then you can do a thicker layer of Cool Whip Mixture. and Oreo cookies, keep doing that until you finish with a top layer of Oreos.  Put in the refrigerator uncovered.  It is ready to eat in about 30 minutes.  When serving, add maraschino cherries, sliced bananas, and pecans, or any combination of the three.  Store uncovered in refrigerator if you have any left.  This usually serves about 10 – 12.

When we have described this to people with the cherries, bananas and pecans, most people are a little skeptical about the combination.  But when they try it, they are like, you know you’re right this is good this way.  I personally don’t eat it with the pecans, but the people that do say the pecans just add a little something to it.  Hope you try this and enjoy it as much as we do.

Back to School Encouragement


Now that school has started for most kids, why not encourage them with a “Back to the Books” bar!! This is something I like to do for my kids. This is a wrapper that you print, cut out, and wrap around a Hershey bar. I am including a downloadable Microsoft Word file that anyone can download, print and use for their kids. The front reads: Back to the Books – A Great Year Ahead.  On the back is a section with Nutrition Facts that reads:

Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Student
Percent Daily Values (DV) based on
Upcoming School Year
Health 100%
History 100%
Language 100%
Math 100%
Reading 100%
Science 100%
Spelling 100%

The Ingredients section is actually an encouraging message that reads:

May your upcoming year be filled with good grades, new experiences, old and new friends, and lots of fun. Always strive to do your best, do what’s right and be yourself. Best wishes for a great school year.

There is also a bar code that represents the date of 08/2008.

I am including one for boys with a blue background, and one for girls with a green background. I usually secure them on the back with some glue stick, or you can use tape as well. I print mine on glossy stock paper, which is a little thicker, and looks more like a candy wrapper, but you can use regular paper as well.

I enjoy making these up for various occasions. If anyone is interested in having me create something special for them, drop me an email with your idea, and I’ll get back to you. I have done “Thank You” bars for birthday parties, where the kids will write the thank you message themselves, and I then type it in the ingredient section. The Birthday Boy/Girl hands one out to each guest at the end of his or her party. As a surprise I present one to the Birthday Boy/Girl with a candy bar of their own, that has their name on it. These are a great personalized treat. What kid doesn’t like chocolate? You can contact me at:

Just wanted to share this idea with you. I hope your kids are encouraged by this sweet treat.  Here are the downloadable files.

Back to the Books (boys)

Back to the Books (girl)