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Hello!! Hope all you moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  There are a couple of changes here on my blog.  One is the name.  I started this blog almost 9 years ago, and the name I had for it fit, but it really no longer applies.  Plus…recently I entered a writing contest hosted by Dan Alatorre (I have reviewed his books in the past) and I received an Honorable Mention!!  (you can read it here). This contest had over 200 entries, and he liked so many of the stories that he added a 4th and 5th place and two honorable mentions.  To say I was excited is an understatement 😀  I also received a critique of the story from Dan, which I would have been happy with just that!!  So with that honor, I am embracing my inner writer, and thus the pseudonym, Carrie Ann Alexis.  I don’t know how much of my content will change here, but it’s the first step on this journey I have dreamed of for a long time.

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It’s that time of year again, where our town is covered in pink and has all kinds of events to raise money for Breast Cancer.  Saturday night is “Not Your Momma’s Bunko Night.”  My sister, and niece and soon to be niece-in-law are going to go as a team.  Should be fun, have never played before.  Sunday is the Battin’ for Boobies softball game.  Where the reigning champs, the Guns & Hoses (Police & Fire Dept) team will defend their title.  There are a couple of new businesses joining in on the fun this year. Fun weekend ahead!!



This is an actual video that I took a last Sunday.  Elijah and I drove through the park on our way home from the store.  It was very chilly that day.  We were amazed at the waves crashing on the walkway, but we were even more amazed at the two ships that were sitting just at the horizon (at the end of video).  We normally don’t see ships like this on the lake, especially not that close.  But it gets even better.  This past weekend, it was reported that the ship on the left had been abandoned.  It had been there for over a week, and when the coast guard went on board, they found a hand written note near some maps, and there was no crew!! Yep!!  A ghost ship!!  Kinda cool in a creepy sorta way, lol.  We haven’t heard any more about it, and it has since been moved.  Scooby and the gang must of solved the mystery 😉



One of my gifts for Mother’s Day, a pic with all my kids.  I also had Liv do a mini photo shoot, so I could update my profile pics.

My one and only….Livi!!






Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaver Writing Contest: 5th Place and Honorable Mentions “Destination Seoul Tokyo” By Heather Hackett, and “Trip Of A Lifetime” by Carrie Ann Alexis

Definitely an honor to be among all these great writers!!

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaver Writing Contest

Word Weaver logi FINAL trimmed

* 5th Place Winner and Honorable Mentions *


 The Last Letter by Maribel C. Pagan

This story had some great elements to it, and a lot of emotional range in a short span.

Read it and be sure to continue on to the Honorable Mentions

Like the 4th place winners, we didn’t create a prize for these folks, so I am posting their winning entry here and I’m going to request they do an author interview or author profile here on the blog, as well as hooking them up with some signed copies of paperback books from some of the following authors.

HERE are some of the AMAZING AUTHORS whose books will be in these prize packages

51CShaKNiTLAllison Maruska, The Fourth Descendant, the Project Renovatio trilogy

With over 550 reviews on Amazon, a signed copy of Allison’s runaway bestseller The Fourth Descendantshould…

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Happy Homemaker Monday 05.01.17

Good Morning!!  May 1st already!!  Only 20 more days left of school, but who’s counting?  I have also gone back to my part time job at the photo studio, enjoying it again this year.  Busy days ahead.  I’m slowly getting my energy back, and have been feeling so much better.  Hoping the weather will cooperate so that I can get out and do some much needed yard work.  Every year the last weekend in April kicks off the little league season in town.  The little league fields are directly behind our house, and they kick it off with a parade, with fire trucks and all the teams in decorated pick ups and it goes down our street early Saturday morning.  Every year I forget about it, until the sirens wake me up, and I think that half the town is on fire, but then it dawns on me, nope just the first parade of the season, there will be more. #smalltown.  Enjoy your week!!

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I don’t know how much time I’ll have to try anything new for awhile, but this looks delicious!!






I signed on for another Beta read, started it over the weekend, and it’s going to be another good one.



Keep seeing these, I think they are so beautiful!!





Word Weaver Writing Contest

Dan Alatorre started a writing contest, the deadline is April 30th, so yeah…I’m under the wire again.  You can find the details about the contest here.  This is the story I submitted.



A Trip of a Lifetime

“1.2 million dollars?  Did you actually say one. Point. Two. Million. Dollars?” Michael questions as he scoots to the edge of his chair as if getting closer will allow him to hear better, one hand clutching his chest and the other resting on the desk in front of him.  With an eyebrow raised he looks at the lawyer waiting for his reply.

“Yes, Mr. Alexander that is correct.  Your Aunt Hazel instructed me to tell you the amount of your inheritance, and to give you this.”  The lawyer hands him a sealed envelope.

“What is this?” Michael inquires.

“Read it.”

Michael struggles to open the envelope, as he alternates from fanning himself, to dabbing his brow with one hand, as the other shaky hand holds onto the envelope.  He finally manages to get it open, he takes a deep breath as he unfolds the paper, recognizing his Aunt’s handwriting, he is overcome with emotion his hand involuntarily covers his mouth as he reads to himself.

My Dearest Michael –

Surprised? I can just picture you now, you frantically fanning yourself like you are about to pass out. Breathe dear, calm down, no need getting all verklempt.

Let me explain.  I’ve spent my whole life trying to make everyone happy by doing what was expected of me, and what was right. I have decided that in my passing, I will finally do what I want. You and your mother are the only family I have left. Well…the only family by blood.  There is actually someone else.  There always has been someone else, but I think you already knew that.  She is the other beneficiary.

Being neighbors for so many years, and then young widowers for many more, Rose and I formed a bond that went beyond friendship. Our husband’s life insurance policies paid off our houses, and left us enough money to raise our kids and live a comfortable life. Together we invested wisely, and multiplied what we had. We had a good life together, and we were very happy.

Michael, she adores you, she remembers the conversations we all had talking about traveling and seeing the world. That is what I want for you Michael. I have watched you live your life to the fullest, not caring what anyone thinks of you or the choices you make. I want you to use this inheritance to travel and see the world. I want you to be happy. Please resist the urge to put this money into the hair salon. You’re smart as a whip and a damn good hair stylist, the salon will be just fine.  Go.  See the world!!

One final request. Please look after Rose for me, and be sure to send her a postcard from all the faraway lands you visit.

Aunt Hazel

With a smile on his face, Michael carefully folds the letter, and places it back in the envelope, and whispers more to himself, “Wow.”

With pen in hand, the lawyer says, “I just need you to sign these papers.  I’ve known your aunt for many years, she was an exceptional woman, she will be missed by a lot of people.”

Michael handles the paperwork, albeit in a bit of shock.  Thanks the lawyer by shaking his hand and leaves the office.

The top was still down on his bright red BMW Z4 Roadster, the sun was still shining, as he started the car.  As he pulled out of the parking lot, he didn’t turn the music on, instead he let the wind wash over him as the memories flooded his mind, as he made the short trip to Rose’s house.

He has so many fond memories of long summer evenings spent with his Aunt Hazel and Rose.  No topic was off limits with the three of them.  They would sit on the back porch talking and laughing until the lightning bugs came out.  Even on the hottest of days, they sat and drank coffee, and snacked on Sara Lee Coffee Cake. Aunt Hazel would bring out the flavored coffee creamers whenever she had company, calling herself fancy.

He smiles at the memories, and continues his drive.  It’s amazing how drastically life can change in the blink of an eye.

As he pulls into the cul-de-sac, he sees the two familiar houses standing side by side.  Even the house itself displays a loss all of its own.  A house once so warm and inviting, seems to have lost its fervor without a life residing within it.  Even the neighborhood has seemed to have lost its sparkle.  He sees Rose, sitting on her porch swing, the slow motion not unlike a pendulum of a clock that is just abiding its time.  As he walks up to the front porch, she sees him and smiles, it barely reaches her eyes.  They greet each other with a hug, as Michael says, “Hello there Doll Face.” This time with a little less enthusiasm, and a lot more melancholy.

Rose can only muster a single word response, “Michael.” As she holds back tears and leans into his much-needed embrace, knowing this once joyous reunion has quickly turned bittersweet.

She reluctantly steps back, and quickly wipes her eyes.  “Let’s go inside.  Hazel would have a fit if she knew we were standing out here blubbering all over the sidewalk.”

Michael follows her into a well-kept house.  “Make yourself comfortable hon, the coffee is already on, I’ll be back in a minute.”

“I can help you.” Michael insists.

“It’s no trouble, you sit, relax, you’ve been driving all day.”

Michael stops and looks at all the beautiful pictures of Rose’s family displayed proudly on the mantel.  Children, grandchildren, and a few great-grandchildren.  Many include his Aunt Hazel, with that fabulous smile of hers.  She did live a happy life.

Rose enters the dining room and sets a tray on the table.  Michael takes a seat as she pours coffee.  The Sara Lee coffee cake is already sliced, he smiles as he takes a piece.  “You know I had to do it, kind of feels like she’s here with us.” She says with a half-smile.

“Ok Missy, spill it.  Did you know about my inheritance?” He eyeballs her as he prepares his coffee with cream and sugar.

“Yes.  Yes I did.” She says nodding her head knowingly.  “Hazel was so practical that way.  You know, my Frank passed away first.  She saw how difficult it was for me to make all the arrangements and decisions at such a vulnerable time, but she helped me through it then.  Shortly afterwards, she sat your uncle down, and they got all their affairs in order, not knowing she would be burying him just a year later.” She pauses and solemnly shakes her head in disbelief.  “Then once her and I started investing together and sharing more of our lives together, she sat me down too.  I hated having to think about all that stuff, but that was Hazel, she was the planner, and she wanted the final say for her life.”

Michael quietly takes it all in as he sips his coffee.  “So Lovie, we have all this money to see the world, where to first?”

“Oh, Michael dear, those were just silly pipe dreams from a couple of old bittys.  We were trying to live vicariously through you.  Besides, I don’t think I’d want to travel alone at this point in my life.”

“First of all, you are not an old bitty Sugar.  But I do understand your apprehension.” He reassures as he reaches over to lay his hand over hers.  “But I tell you what, if ever you get a bug in your bonnet and you just need to get away, you call me, and I’ll be your travel companion.  Belize…France…Switzerland…Wisconsin, skies the limit Chica, you let me know.”

“Oh, I couldn’t possibly ask you to do that Michael.”

“Rose.  Look at me.” Michael says with a dramatic point towards himself, and an eyebrow raised.  “I’m serious.”

“If you’re serious…there is some place…”

With an excited gasp, Michael says, “Really? Where?”

“My granddaughter is having one of those destination weddings in Hawaii in December, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get there alone, everyone is so busy preparing for the wedding I didn’t want to bother anyone to travel with me.”

“It’s done Darlin’, I’ll be your plus one.  After the nuptials, we’ll get ourselves a place on the beach, hire us a cabana boy, and we’ll be sipping margaritas as we watch the sunset.  Give me all the info, and leave the details to me.  You just worry about looking like the fabulous grandma that you are.” He takes her hand and kisses it with a loud “muah” sealing the deal.

“Oh Michael, thank you so much, I’m excited now.” She reaches over and gives him a hug.

Mumbling more to himself in silent outrage, “Hm…missing your grandbaby’s wedding…no siree…not on my watch!!”

Michael stays overnight and heads home in the morning.  He genuinely enjoyed his visit, he makes a mental note to do this more often.

Before he gets on the road, he calls Nita.  She’s not only his business partner, but his best friend.  He knows she’ll want to hear all about his trip, and he’d rather talk with her without the interruptions of a busy day.

“Hey, I’m on my way back, let’s meet somewhere for lunch. I have so much to tell you!!”

“Ok great, I just found this wonderful new sub shop, called Firehouse Subs, it’s decorated like a firehouse, and was actually founded by fireman.”

“Ohhhh sounds delicious.”

“Michael, they’re just subs. It’s in the strip mall on 119th Street. What time should I meet you there?”

“I can be there in about an hour and a half. Oh, and Nita, I wasn’t talking about the subs. Bye!!” he disconnects the call with a mischievous grin.

As they walk up to the sub shop, Michael reads the sign on the door aloud, “Founded by Fireman, Ohhh now that’s fun, I hope we run into some. I mean literally…run into them.” He turns his head and nods as he looks at Nita and opens the door.

Giving him a playful push through the entrance, “Oh my god Michael, behave.” Nita says shaking her head.

After taking far too long to decide what he wanted to order, they finally get their food and find a table and sit down.

“So, tell me all about your trip.”

“Well. The ride down is always nice, the weather was gorgeous, I was cruising in my Beemer with the top down, and the tunes cranked up, the wind in my hair and not a care in the world.” He dramatically says as he looks off into the distance.

“Michael!!” Nita startles him out of his reverie. “How about you get to the part about meeting the lawyer.” She nods her head with a smile as she takes a bite of her sandwich.

He clutches his chest and laments, “You wound me with your harshness.”

With a dramatic eye roll, Nita takes another bite of her sandwich.

“Fine. I was getting to that part anyway. It seems that dear Aunt Hazel had a secret. Pfsh, like I didn’t already know.” He gave a dismissive wave of his hand.

“Really?” With eyes wide and eyebrows raised.

Michael knowingly nods his head and hands her an envelope, “The lawyer said he was instructed by my aunt to inform me of my inheritance, and then give me this letter to read. Here, read it for yourself.”

Nita wipes her hands on a napkin and reaches over to take the envelope. She pulls a folded letter from it and reads it to herself.

“Wow Michael, that is wonderful!! When is your first trip? Where is your first trip?” truly excited for him.

“I’ll get to all that.  Don’t you want to know how much?”

“Sure, if you want to tell me.” She replies as she reaches for her Coke.

Michael looks to his left then to his right.  He leans forward and whispers, “One point two million.”

She almost spits out her drink, but instead starts coughing, but manages to say,  “Are you kidding me?”


“Oh. My. God…Michael!!”

“I know right?” He says with his hand splayed across his chest. “But anyhow…before I left, I went to visit Rose. We had a nice visit. Turns out, her granddaughter is having one of those destination weddings in Hawaii. Rose didn’t want to travel alone, so she thought she would miss it.” He lifted his shoulder in a half shrug, “I suggested that I be her plus one. The wedding is in December.” Thinking nothing of it, he takes a bite of his sandwich, then looks up at Nita.

She is just staring at him with a huge smile on her face.

“What?” He questions.

“Michael!! You are simply the best.” She says with admiration.

“Yeah, I know…it is a gift.” He replies with a smirk.

Nita wads up a napkin and throws it at him. Shaking her head, smiling, she rolls her eyes.

© 2017 Carrie Ann

Happy Homemaker Monday 04.24.17

Good Morning!!  So I had a very interesting week.  I had mentioned last week that I was feeling under the weather.  Well, I did go see my Primary Doc on Tuesday, and she had a blood test done to check my hemoglobin levels STAT, and then referred me to a Gynecologist, which I saw on Wednesday.  My Gynecologist did an Endometrial Biopsy, and then after getting the results of the blood test, suggested I go to the ER to get a blood transfusion.  My hemoglobin level was at 7.3, down from 13 in November.  Normal range is 11 – 16.  So yes, that was the cause of the fatigue and light headedness. Not to mention how pale I was even in spite of being so fair skinned to begin with.  Just about everyone who saw me in the ER had to mention, “You look a little pale.”  Yeah, thanks for noticing, lol. Because I had to get two units of blood, I actually had to stay over night, soooo not the Hilton.  I also had an ultrasound done while I was there.  I see my Gynecologist on Wednesday to get the results of the tests.  I am feeling much better, but still not out of the woods as far as the levels.  I will be taking Iron daily for awhile.  Oh, the joys of being a woman, things can only get better from here.  Hope everyone has a great week ahead!!

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Looking for a book that will make you laugh out loud?  This is it!!

As an avid romance reader, I am used to stories about 30-something singles finding their one true love.  Poggibonsi is not that…it is so much more!!  It’s fun, smart, sexy, hilarious and will make you think about your own relationships.  This story is about a married couple and explores the delicate act of balancing careers, kids, and marriage itself, which makes it very refreshing.  The characters, the situations that arise, and the fact that it is written from the man’s point of view, sharing every thought that the main character has at every moment, makes it straight forward and brutally true.  The setting is a small picturesque town in Italy, so the Italian phrases interspersed throughout, used by the Italian characters enhances the story, even though I have no clue what they mean, it intensifies the aura of romance and sexiness that is Italy.  While the American characters are fluent in sarcasm; this bolsters the comedic tone.

Dan Alatorre writes some of the best dialogue that I have read.  The banter between his characters had me laughing out loud at the sheer brilliance of it at times.  He writes characters that are always fun and so likeable, I just want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with them.

In the midst of humor and chaos, this story addresses some serious topics, yet doesn’t gloss over them, but gets to the core of the issue.  It is done in such a way that it makes you think, and just might change your mind on how you view certain situations.  A story that is entertaining yet offers such introspect is truly a gift.  My emotions ran the gamut from laughing and elated to tearful and heartbroken as I read each chapter.  This book is chock full of humor and romance.   Add in a little sex along with some tender, bittersweet moments, and a shocking twist, and you’ve got yourself a book you cannot put down until you turn the last page.



Love to see young people inspiring change!!