Short Stories

This page contains links to my BlogBattles and other short stories, I wanted them in one central location.  I am so grateful that I found the #Blogbattle, and through that wonderful writing community, where I have met some very talented writers, I have also found Monday’s Muse.  Even at an early age, I wanted to be a writer, always imagining that classic scene of the writer with the typewriter, a stack of blank paper, and the wire garbage basket overflowing with crumpled up paper, ready to write their great novel.  Well there’s more to it than that, and the idea of starting a novel has always been intimidating to me, therefore I haven’t started one.  These short stories have rekindled that passion, and I have been able to awaken my imagination and creativity.  Just like it takes one drop to start a waterfall, I now believe that one short story can create a novel, it’s just a matter of time.  Happy Reading!! 🙂







Worth It


Sparkles in Time

Trip of a Lifetime


BlogBattle 7: Shine – Your Time to Shine

BlogBattle 5: Adore – For Suffrage’s Sake

BlogBattle 4: Iridescent – Where Dreams are Made

BlogBattle 3: Air – Rhythm is Gonna Get You

BlogBattle 2: Thorn – Happy Endings 


Single Stories                                                             

BlogBattle 70:  Finding Home

BlogBattle 69:  The Trip of a Lifetime

BlogBattle 67:  My Cup of Tea

BlogBattle 65:  The Life of Vivian Buchanan

BlogBattle 63:  A Hero Isn’t Just a Sandwich

Week 62:  The Truth Will Set You Free

Week 61:  Ride the Wave

Week 58:  The One about the Root Beer Float

Week 57:  Locked in the Library

Week 53:  Anniversary Celebration: Worth It

Week 52:  Locks of Love

Week 50:  Pure Love 

Week 49:  The Flavor of Truth

Week 48:  The Next Step

Week 44: To Catch a Fish

Week 41:  Just One Snowflake

Week 39:  A Walk in the Snow

Week 38:  Nature’s Haven

Week 36:  The Sun Will Rise

Week 33:  Hair Razor  🏆

Week 31:  Worth It

Week 30:  Better than Brownies

Week 29:  Some Kind of Ride

Week 28:  New Beginnings

Week 27:  Close the Distance

Week 26:  Silver Lining

Week 25:  Legume Languor

Week 22:  Sparkles in Time

Week 13:  It Can Only Get Better

Week 11:  When Lightning Strikes

Week 8:  Don’t Feed the Animals

Week 7:  The Rhythm of Life

Week 6: Picture This



Week 10:  A Day in the Loop 🏆

Week 16:  Special Sauce


Week 18:  Believe in your Dreams

Week 19:  Safe in the Storm

Week 20:  The Question Remains

Week 21:  The Healing Tear


Week 14:  Catch and Release

Week 15:  All the Rage

Week 17:  Drop a Hint



Monday’s Muse 09/14


1385875726l6pyyMonday’ Muse 07/20/15


1428391603hxlp4 Monday’s Muse 07/06/15


1391647885yh5p4 Monday’s Muse 06/29/15

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