Chuckle of the Day

Oh the joys of homeschooling.  Today, I was sitting at the table with Elijah, Joshua and Benji.  Joshua was working on his own thing, I was reading science to Elijah, we were learning about leaves.  But of course Benji had to put in his two cents.  But he does it very politely, by raising his hand.  But by the third interruption, I just had to let him keep his hand raised, and just motioned to him to wait.  So I continue reading.  But Joshua decides to put Benji’s hand down.  As he brings his hand down, the other one goes up, so he tries to put this hand down, and the first one goes up.  This went on for a couple of seconds back and forth, while we all tried not to laugh, put couldn’t help it.  I felt like I was watching an old Laurel & Hardy movie.  Needless to say, laughing is a wonderful stress buster, and is needed often when homeschooling with a 3-year old!!

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