Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

Every December, my mom talks about the Christmas Holiday train. She saw it the first time by surprise. This was some years ago, before the new homes were built behind ours, so she had a view of the lake and the trains from her kitchen window. Her first Christmas in this house, she was sitting at the table looking out the kitchen window when the Holiday Train went by. For the past few years it has gone through Whiting in the wee hours of the morning. But this year I saw a FB post where people were tracking it, so I asked Ben if he wanted to get up and go see it, so we did.

As we waited the updates on the FB page were slowing down, so each freight train that went by, we are thinking this is it! We had the heat on in the car, and the Christmas carols playing, so it wasn’t too bad, though we waited through 6 freight trains, before the Holiday Train came through! I did have my phone on video, but it didn’t come out clear, I didn’t want to miss it trying to capture it on video, because video doesn’t do it justice! Ben and I watched as it went by in silent awe at the vibrant colors, the detailed animated scenes, and just the precision of the designs. Soooo worth the wait for that brief moment!

This is not my picture, I found this one on the internet. It’s a beautiful sight to see, and puts you in the Christmas spirit!


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