Happy Homemaker Monday 07.09.18

Good Evening! Wow, it certainly has been a long time, I think my last post was in May.  I was working my seasonal job at the photography studio and it seems it just started but is now coming to a close.  I always enjoy the work, but this year it was a bit more difficult with the work I have been doing at home, but now I have a couple of weeks before school starts with the boys, so that I can tackle some projects I have been wanting to get to, and I can breathe a little bit, lol.  Hope everyone had a great 4th of July.  More on that later.  Keep cool and stay hydrated!

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So, update on our grass planting. It didn’t work.  I bought the Scott’s brand grass seed, and it was guaranteed to grow. Well it didn’t. My mom emailed the company and we got a full refund!  The grass looks better, but I will work on the spots and try to get it looking better.

Along with the 4th we also celebrate my youngest son’s birthday.  This year he turned 13!  We had a nice time with family, my brother and his family came to visit, they live about an hour and a half away, so we don’t see them too often.  Ben enjoyed the parade, I did not attend this year, woke up with a bad headache, and the heat was just too much for me.  He wears a hat that says “Today is my Birthday” so he gets a lot of attention. There is a float for our Pierogi Fest that has the Busia’s and Mr. Pierogi riding on it. So they stopped in front of Ben and the Busias sang him Happy Birthday in Polish.  He thought that was awesome!  The White Castle Truck actually has someone handing out White Castle hamburgers, so he got one of those, and when they guy read his hat, he went back to his truck and brought back Ben a whole bag of White Castles.  If you are wondering what White Castle’s are, they are tiny little square hamburgers, and the restaurants are built like (white) castles and found in the Midwest.  Our town has one of the oldest White Castle restaurants in Indiana, it opened in 1935.

We don’t have much planned for the remainder of the summer, my middle son is leaving tomorrow for a church youth camp and will be gone for about 4 days.  When he gets back, maybe we’ll go bowling, and I just saw that the Jet Ski races on the lake will be in August.


This is a video my 3 sons made.



This was the outfit that Ben wore to church before the 4th.  His sister bought him the fedora (it has lights that blink too).  My mom’s birthday gift to him was giving him money to go to a barber for his first “professional” hair cut.


Elijah & Ben


And of course the traditional Hamburger Cake.






One thought on “Happy Homemaker Monday 07.09.18

  1. Happy Birthday to your son! What a fun time to have a birthday. Love that hamburger cake. And now I’m hungry for White Castle, LOL! Hope you have a wonderful week!

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