Happy Homemaker Monday 09.18.17

Good Evening!!   These weeks are flying by, we are having some really warm weather this week, but not complaining.  Trying to get out on my bike as much as I can before it gets too cold. As much as I am looking forward to snow, I’m not looking forward to cold and flu season.  Already I’ve had sniffly kids here. Of course, my kids aren’t little, but age doesn’t matter when kids are sick, lol.  Hope everyone is doing well.

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This looks interesting. I’m thinkin’ add some chocolate to the top, my youngest loves chocolate covered bacon!!





So adorable.



Friday night I walked over to the little band shelter we have a few blocks away in our downtown area.  There was a concert by The Howl Experience.  It’s an all request dueling piano show.  The weather was beautiful, and again a lot of people came out.  Only in a small town can they block off part of the street for a concert.  Always nice to get out and see old friends.

It has been so much fun to be a part of this whole book experience.  Basically it has gone from conception to completed product in a very short time.  The release date is October 1, but if you pre-order before then, there is a bonus story from Dan Alatorre included in the Kindle download version only.  Also, the paperback is now available to order!!  I will be placing my order this week.  I cannot wait to have the book in my hand!!  And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, we just got word that a BIG name in writing wants to receive a review copy to be considered for The Best Horror of the Year.  It’s an annual compendium of the critically acclaimed editor’s selections of horror fiction.  Even though horror is not my genre of choice, this is still exciting news!! So if you or anyone you know loves some scary stories, grab a copy and share the link!!

The Box Under the Bed

Order Here!!



Haven’t been taking many photos, but this is a pic my son Elijah drew.






2 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 09.18.17

  1. Hey Babes! Love your funny – darn McD’s! Lol
    I can totally get behind maple bacon anything – but I”m not so much for the chocolate part. 😉
    So excited about your book and can’t wait to read mine!! And holy hell is your son ever talented too. That’s an awesome drawing! And of course you put Ed. ::sigh:: He was just beyond dreamy!! Truly the best concert. EVER! xoxo

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