Check this out. Holy Crap!

Holy Crap is right!! Great news especially first thing Monday morning!! So excited!!  Read the entire post here.

Dan Alatorre

dan your humble host

I get this email from my blog:

Name: Ellen Datlow
Comment: I would like a print review copy The Box Under the Bed to cover in THE BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR #10. My mailing address is
Ellen Datlow
PMB (numbers)
(numbers) Avenue of the Americas
NY NY (numbers)
Ellen Datlow

Now, I get a TON of spams, and this isn’t likely to REALLY be Ellen Datlow, you know? But the name sounds familiar. I Google her; she’s legit – Datlow was the fiction editor of Omni magazine and co-edited the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror series; she was editor of the webzine Event Horizon: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror…

So I show it to Allison (by email).

We are both kinda suspicious

so Allison says maybe find some other legit sources for Ellen and see if the email matches or whatever. Sounds good. So I…

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