Happy Homemaker Monday 07.31.17

Good Morning!!  Another week has flown by.  We have had some beautiful weather here.  Several days with a breeze coming off the lake, great for us, but not so much for the beach goers, the beach has been closed for a couple of days because of the strong winds and waves.  Many people don’t realize how dangerous a lake can be, especially one as large as Lake Michigan, the rip currents can be treacherous.  Our town actually had to take our floating water park completely out of the water.  Hope everyone is doing well.

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I did try the Chicken Pot Pie Crescent Braid.  It was really yummy and easy to make.  I cooked my chicken in the crock pot.  The cream cheese gives it a really good flavor.  Find the recipe here.






Another Pierogi Fest has come and gone.  It’s pretty insane what the town goes through to set this thing up, and take it down.  It ended at 5 pm on Sunday, and the crews will work through the night to get everything cleaned up so first thing Monday morning the main street will be open again, and you won’t even know one of the largest food fests in the Midwest even took place here.  They estimate about 300,000 people come out for it, which is pretty significant considering our population is not even 5000.

As always the fest starts off with a parade of random floats and of course Mr. Pierogi, Ms. Paczyki, Halupki guy and the Buscia’s.  We even have Elvis in our parade (which happens to be my uncle).  The wackier the better.  The polish people that we are, after the parade we sit out in front of our house in lawn chairs and have snacks, and watch the various people go by.  We do see some of the parade, as it ends down the street from us.  It’s our own little tradition.

I met my sister and niece on Saturday morning for the Buscia’s Cooking show.  What a hoot.  Their theme this year was Christmas in July.  So they made recipes for when you have company come over for the holidays, and other Christmas traditions.  All of which I have experienced in my life time.  They started out making the Egg Nog loaded with Bacardi Rum, and moved on to make a Cheese Ball, Pierogis, and Roshkys (or Kolachkys).  The Buscia who doesn’t cook showed us how to make an appetizer by using White Castle Hamburgers cut into fourths with a toothpick in them.  It was a lot of fun.

Later Saturday afternoon Ben and I went out to get a Funnel Cake and we tried a Deep Fried Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  He had his with ice cream.  He thought they were amazing, I found them to be good, I like my chocolate cold, and not soft and warm.  Him and Elijah had gone out earlier, and he came back raving about the Chocolate Covered Bacon.  My daughter was indulging in Pina Colada’s all weekend long, which I tried for the first time, and those are amazing!!  These are the non-alcoholic kind, I told her I’d be worried if they weren’t with her slight obsession with them 😀  I didn’t get an elephant ear, because she had gotten one Friday night, and said they weren’t that good.

That’s the big event here for the summer, once it has come and gone, you know summer is coming to a close.  There are still a few more fun things to do, before summer is officially over.



A crowd of more than 65,000 people singing Bohemian Rhapsody.  Amazing!!



Loving my bike.  Great for me time, exercise and time with the boys.






3 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 07.31.17

  1. Hola Chica! Or I should say dzien dobry from our mother tongue Lol (something they would say when I was in Poland and my Gram would sometimes say). First part pronounced like “jean” and second part pronounced like do (long o) bra (long a sound). Means good morning or good day
    Another Polish fest in the books! Sounded like it was so fun – I would love hanging with those buscias!! I’ll have to put getting to that on my bucket list. 😉

    Love your funny – so true! And good to hear that braid was yummy. LOVE the bohemian rhapsody video. Too cool!

    Have a great rest of the week my fellow Polish Sista! xoxo

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  2. Well, this post made me a little hungry! All that food sounds delicious although I’m on the fence about the idea of a deep fried peanut butter cup. Probably because the deep fried snickers I tried one year while good left me feeling a bit sick 😉 Glad you are enjoying your bike so much. Hope you have a fantastic week!

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