Happy Homemaker Monday 07.10.17

Good Evening!! I missed last Monday’s post, as I was preparing for the Holiday.  It’s a big deal here with it also being my youngest son’s birthday.  My brother and his granddaughter were here on Sunday for a visit.  My other brother and his family were going to join us on the 4th, but my sister-in-law got sick so they had to cancel.  More on our holiday below.  Hope you have a wonderful week!!

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I saw a video, and thought that looks kinda yummy.  My son and I are big mayo fans, so I thought it would be worth a try.  My Uncle is the event planner for our little town, so he is always out and about, and Saturday we have a farmer’s market on the main street, and he is always there.  My son walked over there to give him something for my mom and he sent 12 ears of fresh sweet corn.  So I made it that evening, and also tried this.  I really enjoyed it, my son, who usually loves everything, just thought it was okay.  It’s a unique flavor.  This isn’t the actual video I saw, and the one that I did see, showed that you also use melted butter on the corn as well, and that is what I started with.  I didn’t use the Mexican cheese, but the video suggested you can use parmesan, so that is what I did.  I also didn’t’ use as much chili powder, so probably not as authentic as the Mexican version, but hey, what can I say, I’m just a Polish gal trying to spice things up a bit. 😉

The funny thing was when my mom told my son that he was going to get 12 ears of corn, my daughter thought she said 12 YEARS, and she was like, what are we going to do with all that corn?  So that was the joke of the day for us 😀





We started the holiday actually on the 3rd.  We had gotten Ben a mountain bike for his birthday, and it was in the garage.  So my daughter and I came up with a little scavenger hunt kinda thing for him to get clues that led him to the garage.  He was really surprised and enjoyed the hunt too.  Later that night we saw the fireworks, which we watch from the next block over from us.

So the 4th is a pretty big thing around here.  I didn’t have to work at my job 4 days prior, so that was nice, but I was busy doing things around the house.  I like to grill all my food the day before, and then I put all the meat in a roaster and turn it on to warm up while we are at the parade.  I was in the middle of a project, but I stopped in the afternoon to go pick up a new propane tank for the grill.  On our way home, we are driving down the main street, and there are chairs already lined up for the parade!!  So I tell the kids, we have to go back out and put out our chairs!!  Normally my sister does this the night before, but she was going to be sitting in another spot this year, and the spots were being taken already, in the middle of the afternoon!!  So we packed up the chairs and went back out and secured our spot.  Even took some rope and tied them all together.  A little ways down from where we put our chairs I saw someone had actually used a bike lock to lock their chairs to the lamp post!!  Yeah…they must be new in town.

This year the parade started with a flyover of two jets, and then 4 planes kept circling and doing tricks for a good 20 minutes.  The parade is always a lot of fun.  We came home and ate, and then the kids went with their dad to see his family, and I was able to enjoy some quiet time and relax.  This year I didn’t take a lot of pictures, I just wanted to enjoy it instead of trying to get a good shot.



Coincidentally, there was a drone flying through our fireworks, the boys and I were waiting for it to get hit by a firework, but it retreated before the grand finale.  I also saw a drone flying overhead at the parade…maybe it was following me 😀  But it’s an awesome view from a drone.



Ben was 7 when he first found this hamburger cake, and he has gotten one every year since then. This year he almost didn’t get one. But there was one left and sat way off to the side at the store, he just knew it was for him.  Funny how the cake is actually getting smaller and not because he is getting bigger.






One thought on “Happy Homemaker Monday 07.10.17

  1. Hey Babes!
    Love that my Polish Sista likes to try to spice things up too! 😉 I have never tried that preparation to corn and now I’m intrigued and may have to give that a whirl!! I love the funny by your daughter too. Lol 😛
    Happy bday to Ben! How fun to have it during this time of year!! And that cake rocks!! Even if it’s getting smaller. 😉
    Love your funny as always. Blessings on the rest of your week. xoxo

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