For A Good Cause

This is my friend Kathleen, (you’ve met her here before on my blog) she is teaming up with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and will be shaving her head to cure childhood cancers. She is trying to reach a $5000 record breaking goal.  Kathleen and I have been friends since high school, her and I went to concerts together, hung out at the teen “night club” called Club Soda, and danced several nights away.  Life took us in different directions, but we re-connected through Facebook.  Her t-shirt shop is in town, and I can drop in there any time and it’s like no time has passed, she is still the fun, crazy girl I remember from high school.  I cannot believe that she is going to shave her head!! This is a girl, in high school, who had shoulder length hair, with a bleached blonde streak down the side, and would not cut her hair short, because she thought her ears would stick out (which they don’t!!) So I admire her bravery in doing this, but it’s no surprise, because that’s the kind of person she is.

If you donate this week, The Junkyard T-shirt Shop will MATCH your donation!! How awesome is that?  So if you’d like to donate click on her pic, or click here.



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