Happy Homemaker Monday 03.20.17


Good Afternoon!!  Happy first day of Spring!!  Last week we had a little snow storm, dumping about 4- 6 inches of white fluffy snow.  It was so beautiful as it came down, see FAVORITE PIC(s) FROM THE CAMERA below.  But it has all melted, and we are ready for spring.  I am actually looking forward to warmer weather.  We start our spring break at the end of the week.  Enjoy your week!!

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I finished the beta read: Poggibonsi: an Italian misadventure by Dan Alatorre.  A really good story!! Comedy, romance and a few surprises thrown in.  It will soon be published, and once it is I will post my review then.



I don’t normally go to the show, but this weekend opened Beauty and the Beast, and it was playing at the theater in town, my sister asked if I wanted to go, and I was like Yes!!  My niece and future niece-in-law (is that actually a thing?) also went (my daughter had other plans, so I’ll just have to see it again, lol).  I always liked the story, even though I watched it far too many times with my daughter.  But I knew that the special effects were going to be awesome, and they were!!  Disney also added to the story, and there were a couple new songs as well.  It was all that I expected and more…and why wouldn’t it be…after all, it’s a tale as old as time  😉



I have watched This is Us from the beginning.  I have yet to watch the final episode.  That has been a really good show, emotional, but good.  The other one I started is Imposters on Bravo.  That is a really good show.  Each episode leaves you hanging.  Monday starts Dancing with the Stars, which I haven’t watched in awhile.  But David Ross, the retired Cub’s catcher is competing, so I will try and ‘catch’ (see what I did there, lol) a couple of episodes of that.  I haven’t kept up with Quantico, might still watch that one.  I’ve kept up with Blindspot, which is really good!!  I also watch The Good Place.  The episodes are short, so I’ll watch them here and there.  I like Kristen Bell, and Ted Danson is in it as well.  It’s pretty funny, and nice to have a light-hearted comedy in the midst of all the drama, lol.



This is incredible!!  Worth watching through to the end.






3 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 03.20.17

  1. Hey Babes! Hope you have a some lovely weather for your Spring break! I thought my kiddos were off next week, but it’s actually the week after. I had my dates screwed up. But the forecast doesn’t look so great for us then anyway, Lol

    I love your funny – and get it as I love my HGTV! So true! Ha 😛

    Sounds like you’ve been enjoying more fun shows. Isn’t This is Us so good?? And I really like Blindspot too. One of the few shows my Hubby and I actually watch together. 😉

    Cool video! Reminds me of Cirque du Soleil! Some talented folks there.
    Love your quote too. Blessings on your week Lovie! xoxo

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