Happy Homemaker Monday 11.28.16

Good Morning Evening!!  Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  Ben had been sick last week, so as he rested, he watched all these episodes of Chopped, the Thanksgiving editions.  One day he asks me, so mom, do you brine your turkey?  I’m like what? Then he proceeds to tell me how to do it.  So I was a little nervous this year preparing my feast, I was afraid I wouldn’t measure up and possibly get chopped.  But Ben was very happy with the meal, as were all my kids.  Elijah thanked me for being his mom, and making such a great meal.  Ben thanked my mom for having me, so that I could make them such a good meal  😀

So now it’s on to Christmas preparations.  I put up the outside lights on Sunday, the forecast said sunny and 50, yeah, no, it was fa-reezing!!  39 feeling like 29.  But we have had such warm weather that the bush I usually string lights on has leaves on it still.  It is usually bare twigs, and I string the lights all through it, and hang large ornaments on it.  So either I will wait to do that, or skip it all together.

It’s been two months since my mom’s injury, and she has moved back upstairs to her room.  So we are cleaning and rearranging again.  We have been discussing what needs to be done, and we want to get the carpets cleaned.  She was going to call in the professionals, but after talking with a friend about a carpet scrubber, she decided to buy one, because I LOVE to clean carpets, and don’t mind doing it.  So, I got to shop online, for a carpet scrubber, and it was on sale!!  I couldn’t be happier if I were twins!!

Have a great week ahead!!

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Chicken Tamale Pie



We will be having all kinds of holiday events going on.  Everything will be kicked off with the holiday parade on Friday, which has Santa and live reindeer.  The park is already decorated with all the holiday lights, and the huge Santa Claus is on the main street.


Love this.


Our newest Christmas decoration.



2 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 11.28.16

  1. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving and I”m so glad you weren’t chopped! And everyone so thankful as they should be. 🙂 Your kids are beyond the sweetest and crack me up. Just love them and what they’re going to say or do next!

    We’ve had ugly horrible gray rain and unusually warm weather for here. It’s muddy and gross everywhere and feels all wrong for almost December. I still need to decorate outside too!

    I love that commercial too!! When I realized what they each gave each other and why it choked me right up. Love love love!!

    So happy to hear your Mom is doing better. I hope she’ll be rockin’ around the Christmas tree in no time! And you really crack me up. We have a shampooer – please feel free to come and do our carpets!! 😛

    Blessings on the rest of your week Sweetie! I hope all else is well. xoxo

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  2. Glad that it sounds like everyone is healthy over there again. I love watching Chopped but I don’t know that I could watch that if I was sick (especially if it was tummy troubles!). What a great commercial! Our weather has been different as well. I’m torn between loving it and needing it to be just a bit colder to get me more in the holiday spirit. Hope you have a wonderful week!

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