Happy Homemaker Monday 04.11.16

Morning!!   Spring is broken!!  But it really doesn’t do any good to complain, since spring around here is like one day anyway 😀  I only look forward to the warmer weather for my flip-flops!!  Me and heat don’t really get along, not since I was pregnant with the twins during the hottest summer on record!!  Anniehow…here’s to warmer weather…it has to get here eventually!!

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My family loves Star Wars. I like the movies, but I’m just not that into it, and really can’t tell which episode is which. But I did watch The Force Awakens this weekend with the boys, and I really enjoy it. Since I did see the original one in the theaters, it was nice that they brought back all the original characters, albeit the very old original characters, lol. I really liked the new BB8 droid, he was really cute, and it was good to see my all time favorite Chewbacca.




So…I tired the Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookie thingy. Yeah…bleh. First of all I didn’t actually make cookies, I usually don’t make individual cookies, I make pan cookies, spread everything in a pan and whala…cookie bars. The flavor wasn’t disgusting or anything, I just didn’t like how they turned out, they were really flat. Probably from the greasy bacon, which I did drain. It also wasn’t a taste like…wow…this is absolutely amazing!! I’ll stick to the normal Toll House Squares thankyouverymuch!!

But up next… is this!!

Nature is amazing!!

A FB Post from my feed: Frosted Mini Wheats challenge. Eat all the frickin’ things before the powdered sugar dissolves off because of the milk.

After having this show up on my FB feed from my daughter’s friend, I shared with her how I do it, and her mom eventually chimed in, and thought it was Genius!! (her word not mine)  Made her have a bowl right then and there, LOL. So I thought I’d share it with you:

I dip mine individually in a glass of milk, and eat them one by one. It’s the perfect amount of milk for each piece. My son also eats his this way as well. Spoons are optional, LOL.  ♥ LOVE Frosted Mini Wheats!!


© 2016 Liv’s Photography




7 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 04.11.16

  1. We watched the force awakens last week also. I did enjoy it but didn’t finish it, I tend to multi tasks when watching a movie at home. I am with you – I couldn’t tell you the sequence of movies…so confusing. I really like your photo! and this background with the flowers, so fresh! Hope you get nice weather : )

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  2. Looks like nice weather is finally going to show up here end of the week. Yay!!

    I liked the Force Awakens also – especially with the old characters too.

    A churro ice cream bowl?? I’m in! 😉

    I love your “funny” this week. You just make me laugh Girlie!! And the glacier video is so cool. Nature is amazing. 🙂

    And how did I not ever think of that for frosted mini wheats???? I love them too!! Genius I tell you!! Thanks for a great tip Red.

    Love Liv’s pic & quote too. Blessings for a beautiful week my Friend. xoxo

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    • Still a little cool here, 70’s this weekend though. I hope to try the churro ice cream bowl this weekend!! I had to post that funny since baseball season has started. Hope your week is fabulous my dear gal!! 🙂


  3. Love your quote this week! Some of the kids at preschool on Friday were telling me there is a new Dum Dum sucker flavor called bacon. Yuck! The ones that had tried it said it was not very good and “smelled weird.” Perhaps bacon should stay put at breakfast (and dinner for BLT’s). Funny, I watched Star Wars this weekend as well and am actually writing a review of it for my blog. Hope you have a great week!

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    • I agree with you about the bacon, stick to breakfast and BLTs!! I have to read your Star Wars review yet, think I almost fell asleep, but my son was like MOM!! Lol. Hope you are having a wonderful week!! 🙂


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