Ugh!! Writer’s Block


I haven’t written anything for the last couple of #Blogbattles, and I miss it!!  The last two writing prompts were rather difficult, for me anyway, they were Leviathan and indiscriminate, when I saw them, I was all like….


But that’s how Rachael Ritchey keeps it fun and challenging.
Maybe life will slow down for me and I can jump back in soon!!

Battle on my fellow battlers!!

6 thoughts on “Ugh!! Writer’s Block

  1. I can most assuredly relate. I have been going through quite a bit of it, myself. I’m finding I will have to force myself out of it, for waiting for it to leave me alone is not working, and I need to be.
    Chin up! Things are in a constant state of flux, remember?
    — John

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