Happy Homemaker Monday 03.14.16


Happy Pi Day!!  If you don’t know what this is, check out my post here.  Pi is a mathematical symbol that represents 3.14 followed by a string of numbers. Then there’s Pie…so it’s appropriate on Pi day to grab yourself a slice. I am totally slacking this year, and did not make a pie, I’ve been too busy searching for that hour we lost 😉  I’m sure I’ll find it sometime in November…here’s to a great week ahead!!

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MOVIE REVIEW:the_peanuts_movie_ver34
This was so worth watching!! For those of us who grew up on the Peanuts, and passed it down to our kids, this is such a great movie. It stays true to the original, fun, simple, good-natured laughs. I still love Snoopy!! This movie is really the Peanuts that we all love, but like in HD, since the animation is 3D. Worth the watch for the whole family. Elijah (15) even enjoyed it, and Benji was like, “there isn’t a bad thing to say about that movie.” He even mentioned how he liked how they stuck to the original, and didn’t add all that new junk to it.




I still need to catch up on Castle, but Quantico, and Blindspot? Keeps us guessing.  I hate that this is the final season for The Good Wife, the characters in this show are so funny!!


Had to share this music video by Meghan Trainor. ❤ Love Meghan Trainor!!  This was one of the songs in the Peanuts movie, and everything IS Better When I’m Dancin’.



© 2016 Liv’s Photography




6 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 03.14.16

  1. I was a rebel and baked a cake yesterday so no pie for us! Of course, it’s also Albert Einstein’s birthday so I’m just saying I baked a birthday cake for him instead 😉 Hope you have a great week!

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  2. Happy Monday my Friend! I love your funny about the coffee – it is amazing what a difference that hour makes, isn’t it? Lol

    I need to see that Peanuts movie – you’ve sold me! I loved them so much as a kid. I picture a curled up Annie & myself curled up under a blankie with popcorn and this on in our near future. 😉

    I didn’t get my “pie on” today either. We’re such slackers aren’t we? However, my thighs are thanking me right now. So there is always that…

    Love the photo!! Can tell what a cutie he is even “covered up”. Lol

    Blessings on your week ahead Hon! xoxo

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    • I think I’ve had a bucket of coffee each day this week, I just feel so tired, I know it’s all in my head, LOL. Yes, the movie is perfect for a snuggly movie night!! My daughter saw Zootopia with her friends, and said it was really good. I’d like to take the boys to see that one, but don’t know when we’ll get the chance.

      Hope your week was Fabulous dear gal!! xxx


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