Throwback Thursday Link Party 03.10.16


Joining the party once again hosted by
Part-Time Monster.

This is one of my favorite posts, had a lot of fun researching for it.  It isn’t until Monday, but wanted to share it as a reminder to get your pie ready!!

It’s (almost) Pi Day

Carrie Ann Alexis


Today is Pi day!!  This year it is extra special because it is 2015.  You can really get crazy with it this year, at 9:26 and 53 seconds, either in the morning or the evening.  We are just “celebrating” with a nice chocolate cream pie the boys and I made, the recipe is at the bottom.

But first…what is Pi and why the funny symbol?

The number π is a mathematical constant representing the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. It’s an irrational number, meaning that it can’t be represented by a common fraction.  The decimal places never end, and they never settle into a permanent repeating pattern.

π is the Greek symbol for the letter “p.” It was taken from the Greek word for “perimeter.”

Now some fun facts about Pi:

The value of pi has now been calculated to more than two trillion decimal places.


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