Happy Homemaker Monday 01.15.18

Good Evening!  Enjoying a 3 day weekend.  It has been very cold out here, but we did get some snow last night into this morning, not a lot but enough.  Over the weekend, the winds were very strong causing huge waves on the lake, so our beautiful park looks like the Hoth planet from Star Wars.  Me, Livi and Ben ventured out there today to look around.  Check out the video and pics below.  Stay warm and enjoy your week.

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I made this the other night, and we had soup and sandwiches.  It has a good flavor, I would of liked it a little bit thicker, which is probably because I didn’t let it get thick enough.




While my daughter was taking pictures, I figured I’d make a little video as I walked around the park.


I guess you can say I have officially started my book.  I plan to start with my own anthology of romantic stories.  I have joined Dan’s critique group and sent off several of my stories to start.  I will be writing new ones to add.  It’s just the beginning stages, but it is now a work in progress, and not just a thought


You might want to get some hot cocoa when looking at these, lol.  Mother nature amazes me.



This is where the swings hang from that I usually like to sit on in the summer.


My favorite birds, they looked so cold 😦





5 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 01.15.18

  1. Hey Sweets!
    That soup sounds yummy – I think I made something similar once but it was chicken noodle with lemon. And I”m jut SO tickled that you’re getting down to real business with a writing books. I COULD NOT LOVE THAT MORE!!
    And your funny is so perfectly true…the northwoods of WI a lot like Indiana! 😉 And I love your frosty pics and video!! It was so fun to hear your voice. You sound so different than what I thought you would sound like, although I’m not sure what I thought you’d talk like? Maybe more like me and more WI accent to things, which is silly I know. YOu definitely have a different kind of accent to me. Lol I wonder what you’d think about how I talk? Part WI accent, part MN accent and part Canadian. People always think we talk very distinctly up here.
    And FYI, if you get a chance Babes – pop over and comment on my blogaversary post so I can enter you for a drawing to win some goodies! A way at least to thank you for being such a bestie in blogland. Just sayin. Drawing is Friday. xoxo

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  2. Wow, after looking at your photos and video, I’m officially frozen! Looks like Elsa walked by your area, LOL! Those trees at the beginning of your video almost looked like frozen palm trees to me. Hope you stay warm and have a great week!

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