Happy Homemaker Monday 11.13.17

Good Afternoon!!  I missed last week, as I was recouping from a stomach virus.  Ugh!!  It hit the whole house, but it’s that time of year.  Hopefully we will be healthy for the holidays, as we have had the cold/flu here already too.  We did get our first sight of snow, but it barely left a trace, so I really don’t consider that the first snow, lol.  Looking forward to those first couple of inches with those big beautiful fluffy flakes.

Hope everyone has a great week.  Stay warm and stay healthy!!

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Breakfast Sausage Sliders.  I have been doing breakfast for dinner lately making pancakes, eggs and sausage.  These look really good too, I don’t think I would use the Monterey Jack cheese though, that seems too cheesy for me.




Not much is going on.  I’ve spent the last week getting caught up on stuff.  With the holidays coming, our town will have it’s usual holiday parade, and all the decorations will be going up around town.  Recently a new coffee shop opened up, which we have needed in our town for some time.  It’s actually just a block away from me, so I can walk on over and enjoy the atmosphere, and a nice cup of joe.  My oldest son has been wanting to write screen plays, so he goes over there to do his writing, and I’ve been doing some writing there as well.  We both agree it has a bit of a “Friends” vibe to it.










9 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 11.13.17

  1. Hey Babes! I”m late on the ball this week – per usual these days. 😉 Lol I have started an email to you like 5 times now and get sidetracked and then there you go. I will give you the scoop soon though! Lots of hockey this weekend so may not be yet.
    I hope you’re all on the healthy side these days! We love breakfast for dinner around here. Those sliders look delish. And you know I love (& relate all too well) with your funny. Ha!! 😛
    Have a blessed weekend ahead CareBear. xoxo

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