Happy Homemaker Monday 01.16.17


Good Morning!!  We had a great first week of school, and already a three-day weekend!!  I’ve been a little under-the-weather all weekend, but the bonus to that is I have been relaxing and reading!! See below for what I’ve been enjoying.  We’ve had a pretty snow-less winter so far; winter is broken.  It was nice that we had snow for Christmas, but nothing since then.  This past week we were hit with freezing rain, and that was not fun.  Would love at least one good snow storm this year.  Hope everyone had a great weekend, and here’s to another week ahead!!

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Go home mother nature…you’re drunk.






So, I did try the Chicken Bacon Alfredo Bread Boat.  It turned out really good, and I received several thumbs up.  The one thing I did differently is I didn’t buy one big French loaf of bread.  I saw it on the shelf at the store, but I’m sorry, I just could not bring myself to buy something that sits on a shelf, wrapped only in a paper wrapper, that has the end of the bread sticking out.  So, I bought these little individual rolls, called Bambino Rolls and made several little ones.

This is the next thing I want to try, Slow Cooker Shredded Steak Tacos.

My niece had made these, and my sister said they were delicious.  They look yummy.



This is a “Christmas story,” it takes place around Christmas.  My mom had read it, and she told me about it, so I started reading it over the weekend.  You can’t go wrong with Richard Paul Evans.  He writes a Christmas story every year, and I have enjoyed them all.  The Mistletoe Secret is about a divorced blogger who writes about how lonely she is.  A recently divorced man finds her blog, and relates to her loneliness, and forms an attraction to her through her words.  She has no identifying information on her blog, except her initials and she mentions a few clues that sends him to her little town to find her.  As always great writing, and great characters.  Loved this…

“One of those rare women who are beautiful but don’t know it” He thought a moment then said, “I think Polish girls are like that.  The whole country.”

I stayed up last night and finished it, a very good read!!



This just makes me smile.  First Lady Michelle Obama was such an inspiration to so many, always classy, and she truly cared for all American people.  She will be missed.




This was from a couple of years ago, taken from our front porch.  Just want to wake up to this one morning!!

© Liv’s Photography



9 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 01.16.17

  1. Hey Babes!

    I’ll gladly send you some of our snow. 😉 It’s actually been getting mild here and may melt a bit by later in the week.

    Those tacos look yummy!! And that book sounds so good. I have such a pile and have been horrible about getting more reading in – a true goal for this year!

    I saw that Jimmy Fallon episode and loved it and I even cried! I don’t want them to leeeaavee – waaahh!! 😦

    Praying your have a lovely rest of your week and all is well. Wish we could just meet for lunch and have a great pow wow catch up. Geography. ::sigh::

    Blessings HOn. xoxo

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  2. I’m not a winter person but have decided that I much prefer snow over ice if I have to be cold anyway. Our weather seems somewhat similar. My teenager had me read some of the Michael Vey series (his favorite books) by Richard Paul Evans and I had wondered how his “adult” books read. Glad to hear they are as good as his young adult selections. My husband would love those tacos, may have to seriously consider it as I’m trying to expand our crock pot selections beyond roast. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

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  3. Happy Monday! Your snowy view looked like ours last weekend but with Thursday’s temperature of 70 degrees (!!!), it’s all gone. I love Christmas stories, I try to pick up one or two every holiday season. Debbie Macomber is one of my favorite authors.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Pamela!! I loved Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove series, but I couldn’t get into the series which I thought I would really enjoy. I just didn’t like the actress they had play Olivia. Have a great week!!


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