Happy Homemaker Monday 12.26.16

Good Afternoon!!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Mine was pretty quiet.  We stayed here, and I made brunch instead of a big dinner and it was really nice.  Ben still was very excited about Christmas, and was up really early, I know that won’t last forever, and as he said at the end of the day, “this was the best Christmas ever” it makes it all worthwhile.  At the end of the day, as I was relaxing I heard the news of the passing of George Michael.  Another musical icon from my high school days!!  See my tribute below.  Enjoy the rest of your week as 2016 winds down.  Can’t believe another year is coming to close.

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I haven’t tried anything new in the past week.  I was glad that I did take the time to bake for the holidays.  Usually we bake early in the month, but I didn’t get the chance to do that.  I would have truly missed all these little bits of heavenly goodness had I not baked.   As every year since I started making Roshky myself, the nut ones just do not cooperate with me (they are the unsightly globs covered in powdered sugar at the bottom right). When I bake them, they don’t stay closed, and just do not look appetizing, yet the taste is still there.  I am determined to get those right one of these times, after all I am Polish!!



As I am writing up this post, I am listening to music by George Michael and Wham! and it’s really taking me back.  I was able to see Wham! in concert probably my junior year.  It was at Popular Creek, which was an outdoor theater where they had assigned seats, and a grassy area where you could bring blankets to sit on to watch the concert.  Yeah…we had the grass seats, lol.  My best friend’s sister took her and I to the concert, and it’s one of those events I have not forgotten over the years.

I think I grew up in one of the best eras for music.  With the launch of MTV and music videos it really changed the way we listened to music.  Not to mention, MTV just played music videos, all. day. long.  They had special premiers of videos as new artists came on the scene or they released new albums.  I love my 80s music!! I remember this one like it was yesterday.

And Yes. Yes I did have a Choose Life T-shirt.  I personally was crushing on Andrew Ridgely.  George Michael was just far too beautiful for me 😀

What I loved about the videos in the 80s is that they were like little movies.  I have so many favorites.  Here is another one, so much fun!!

I continued to follow his career as he went solo.  This is one of those songs that no one knows what it really means, and everyone has their own interpretations.  Whatever your take is on it, it’s just a good song, lyrically and musically, and the provocative video just spices it up.

This last song I recently came across as I started using Pandora. George Michael AND Elton John together. Enough said.

The choir in heaven has received yet another beautiful voice. RIP George Michael thanks for the memories and being an integral part to the soundtrack of my life.






2 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 12.26.16

  1. Looks like you had a great Christmas. The 80s just weren’t THAT long ago were they? What is it they say, you’re old if you can remember when MTV played music and I can certainly remember LOL. Great tribute. Hope you have a wonderful week and great New Year!

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  2. Sounds like it was a wonderful peaceful Christmas Sweetie! I’m so glad you did some baking too -and it all looks so good!! I”m not familiar with that Polish cookie though. You’ll have to enlighten me. 😉

    I’m so bummed about G.M. too! Prince and now him!! 😦 Not fair. Father Figure always gives me goosebumps. I’m instantly transported to when my Addie and I were “falling” for each other when that song was first out and on the radio. I met him in the Fall of 1987 and I think that song came out in early 1988 and by March of “88 we were together as a couple and have never looked back. He’s such a soundtrack to my teen years too.

    Wishing you all many blessings for a wonderful New Year!! xoxo

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