Happy Homemaker Monday 12.20.16 Tuesday’s Edition

Good Evening!!  This is my Tuesday edition, since I was working with the boys to finish their semester until 10:30 p.m. on Monday.  I don’t have honor roll students here, but they finished and they passed all their classes!!  Being a new school for all of us, I am very pleased with that.  But next semester, we hit it hard and end strong!!  Looking so forward to my three weeks off, but don’t know when I’ll get a chance to actually relax.  It’s that time of year!!  The twins are having their annual hot chocolate get together with their friends tonight.  That’s where she makes home made hot chocolate, and they have snacks and just hang out, always a fun time.  Hope everyone has a great week!!

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This just looks delicious!!  I love cherry cheesecake, and wrap it in some chocolate!! Yes please!!



I just saw that our library is starting an Adult Coloring Club every Thursday night.  Definitely something I am going to check out!!

Last weekend we went to The Living Christmas Tree at our church.  They put on this production every two years.  This was the third time I have gone.  This is a fairly small church, but this production is pretty awesome.  When I was younger I took piano lessons from a lady named Mrs. Allen.  Her husband was the original Pastor of this church.  Now it is Pastored by Paul Vale, her son-in-law and her daughter Suzie.  Mrs. Allen was such an awesome lady, so friendly, and soft spoken, and a great piano and voice teacher.  Sadly, Mrs. Allen passed away over the summer.  So this year’s Living Christmas Tree was dedicated to her.  It’s her children that put this production on.  The first part of the show is a little play.  This year’s theme was Home for Christmas.  So the story was lead by her daughter Suzie, her son-in-law Paul, and son Scott.  It was a story about a family going back to the home that they all grew up in.  The house is for sale, but they spend one more Christmas in it together reminiscing.  I have to tell you, I do not know how they did it, because by the end, I had tears in my eyes just knowing Mrs. Allen and how much she loved her family.  But it was so beautifully done.  It was a story that everyone could relate too, but had such a deeper meaning for them.  The story had some funny parts in it and songs to really bring it to life.  The second half of show is where the choir stands in the huge lighted Christmas tree and sings Christmas carols, and this is directed by Mrs. Allen’s other daughter, Sally.

Here is a picture of what it actually looks like the picture on the left is with the singers in it during the performance, and the one on the right is what the structure looks like after the show.

At one point they sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic for all the service men and women serving in the military, and the lights flashed red white and blue, that was really good.

Here is a video of another song that they did.









One thought on “Happy Homemaker Monday 12.20.16 Tuesday’s Edition

  1. OH I just love this all so much! Christmas in every little bit. From that absolutely delish looking cake…and how pretty for Christmas. To your perfect funny. And that sweet snowman video that made me well up. But your living tree background story and video had me smiling ear to ear and just feeling full of Christmas cheer. 🙂

    I hope you all get some wonderful rest and fun time during your weeks off! Wishing you a wonderfully blessed and very Merry Christmas!!

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