Happy Homemaker Monday 10.24.16

Good Evening!! What a great weekend!!  My Cubbies are going to the World Series!!  I’ve been spending more time watching the games with my mom, she is doing well, and we have enjoyed watching these games, even though they have ended way past our bedtime.  Still busy with helping the boys with school.  Hoping things calm down soon so that I can carve out some time to write.  Haven’t participated in the Blogbattle for some time now, and miss it.  The mornings have been cold, and the days a bit dreary, but we must go through this to get to the good stuff.  Yes…snow!!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

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My last post I posted the Chicken and Dumplings recipe.  I did try it over the weekend, and as it sometimes goes, I get really excited about a recipe, make it, and then I’m not too impressed with it.  But my family loved it, go figure.  What I didn’t like about it was the dumplings, there’s a certain kind of dumpling that I like, and I haven’t mastered it yet.


Along with the fall weather comes the Fall TV season.  I don’t actually watch the shows when they air, I usually catch up with them on my laptop, or I just recently downloaded an app on my phone!!  So those nights where I can’t fall asleep, or get back to sleep (#almost50andfemale) I can stream some shows on my phone.  It’s funny that I’m excited about this as I think of the progression of TVs over the years.  We’ve gone from 10” black and white TVs to 70” large screen Hi-Def TVs, and now TV on our phones. Anniehow…These are the shows I’m watching:

This is Us
The Good Place


OK, so this one I missed, and I was totally disappointed.  Our town is getting a Mascot Museum, they have been planning it for several years, and Friday they had the groundbreaking ceremony.

The first time I saw the town advertise for this, it was a pic of the mayor with a shovel, so I’m thinking, OK, so it’s going to be your typical groundbreaking ceremony.  I do get notifications from the FB page, but I don’t always look at my notifications, and I missed the one where they talked about the parade, and the ceremony at the Baseball Field.  UGH!!  It looked like so much fun.  The Chicago news station was even out here, my mom and I sat and watched it on the 5 o’clock news.

It’s going to be a crazy place to visit, our Mayor is hoping to draw in out-of-town visitors.  Here are pics from my friend Kathleen who owns the local t-shirt shop called the Junkyard, and is a big fan of the mascots.

I am totally jealous of this pic…I LOVE Clark!! (Yep, that’s Kathleen)


Is it just me or is there something calming about these photos? 🙂




4 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 10.24.16

  1. Again, so happy for you and your team Babes!! 😉 And the mascot museum sounds so cool!

    I also relate with the insomnia stuff since I’ve gotten older too. Yuck. I totally forget about Blindspot. My hubby and I watch that one too – but behind on a few now.

    Sorry about the disappointing dumplings. I think there’s kind of 2 kinds. If you look up southern style dumplings – they’re more flat and square and almost noodly. While, traditional dumplings are steamed and really doughy. Maybe that helps to find what you’re looking for?

    I love your funny as always – and so true!! Why does being a mom = must eat a cold dinner!?? 😛

    I think it’s a hoot you like that video. I like order in some things – but my hubby is the perfectionist and loves minimalism and symmetry! He totally indulges me around our house as I like abstract – and when I group things they have to be an odd number to be right etc. I love all my knick knacks and seasonal things and family photos everywhere. Too much order and symmetry makes me just the opposite of calm and instead gets me nervous and anxious. Too funny isn’t it?

    Hope you have a blessed week ahead dear blogging Bestie! xoxo

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  2. I see Slugger in your picture! You know your Cubs have lots of KC fans pulling for them as well. Funny about your family loving a recipe but not you. It’s usually the opposite around here with me loving a recipe and the rest of them saying yuck! Hope you are having a great week!

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  3. Yes, those pics brought an instant smile to my face and distracted my over filled mind. Thanks for sharing.
    P.S. Know the (#almost50andfemale) struggle.😣😏


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