Happy Homemaker Monday 08.01.16

Good Afternoon!! Had a good weekend. Had some things to take care of as I start another school year home schooling my last two. We have the opportunity to have the boys attend a virtual school, at no charge!! Indiana Connections Academy offers it for free for residents of Indiana, this will be a much better opportunity for the boys, so I had a bit of an enrollment process and orientation to complete by this weekend, since they will begin on August 10th. Much earlier than we usually start, but we will be done before Memorial Day. Looking forward to a great year!!

Yes, I did venture out to Pierogi Fest, more on that later. August 1st, last days of summer, make them count!!

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I am awaiting an ARC to beta read from my friend on the second book in her series, looking forward to that.

Death by Chocolate Zucchini Bread

This looks really yummy, and it has to be healthy right? With all that zucchini in it? Funny thing, my dad was not a big vegetable guy (hmmmmm), Anniehow…whenever my mom would have Zucchini bread, she would tell him it was banana bread, just so he would eat it, and he did, and loved it. (Yeah, I fell for it too, she later told me though). I thought of him when I saw this recipe, he would have definitely liked this one too.

Pierogi Fest. What is it you ask? It’s a whole bunch of crazy I tell ya, with tons of food and just as much beer. This fest runs the last weekend of July and has received countrywide recognition on the Food Network and the Travel Channel, and draws over 150,000 people to our small town. The fest is held on our main street which gets shut down well before the fest begins. My sister and I went out to eat on Wednesday, and we tried two places in town, both were closed already!! We had to cross the border to another town, just to get something to eat. Madness I tell ya.

So the fest celebrates the Polish and Slovak culture that are the roots of our town. Food venders galore, with every type of polish food, and creative mixes as well. There was a booth that had Mexican Pierogis. There is also a beer garden and several stages with various types of music. We even had the Village People perform at our Baseball Stadium.

Yes, I was really there….with Ben.

All during the fest you can see Mr. Pierogi, Halupki Guy, Ms. Paczki, and the Buscias. Lot’s of Buscias. There is a Pierogi eating contest, and a Pierogi toss. Yes, a greasy, slimy, buttered Pierogi to catch. The winners are 4-year reigning champs. My dad used to present the award for the eating contest, which was a Stanley Cup, (since his name was Stanley). He also would participate in the parade as part of the Lawnmower Brigade. Yes, pure silliness at its finest. The Buscias do a cooking show on the main stage, and I caught them doing the Buscia Feud game show on Sunday.

Livi and this gorgeous Buscia….yeah, it’s like that.

I am not a big fest goer. There are too many people for me. But Sunday morning we walked to church, since parking is ridonculous. So we walked through the fest on our way home, and I did get my funnel cake AND elephant ear. Yes totally worth it. The crowd was minimal, and the weather was pleasant. My sons of course wanted to try every kind of food we passed. We came upon a vendor that had various things on sticks, covered in chocolate, and Elijah is like, “It’s chocolate covered bacon…on a stick!! Food is just better when it‘s on a stick.” Yep, sums it up pretty well. 🙂

This is such a wonderful idea, and such an adorable fur friend!! I was introduced to therapy dogs a couple of years ago while attending a church in our old neighborhood. Her name was Darla, and a golden retriever. She was part of a Lutheran organization that has several goldens as therapy dogs, and were sent out to Sandy Hook, Darla included. I thought it was a good idea to have one at church, since so many people come to church to find comfort, and what better way then to be able to sit and just pet this beautiful, lovable creature. This is an even better idea to have one present at funerals.

We have many people in our neighborhood who walk their dogs. There is one in particular I just love, I have no idea what kind of dog she is, but the cutest, furriest thing. The other day I was getting the mail, and she walked by, and I had to stop the owner and pet her. But then she didn’t want to leave, lol. I recently saw my other favorite fur friend, Bella, the Irish Setter, with her owner who is an older lady I like to stop and talk with. But they walked by before I could get outside. (They all must think I am crazy, lol).

This is the side of our newly painted garage. My Mom’s new decoration. I helped her hang it, she always lets me use the power tools, lol. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 08.01.16

  1. OH goodness this was fun!! I love the scoop on the Pierogi Fest. I would have such fun at this – and would love if some of my Polish relatives (they’re from my Dad’s side too) would go too!! I remember my Dad always talking about calling his Grandma and Grandpa – Buscia & Dziadzia. 😉 So I really love the buscias and photo!! Such a Polish Gal after my own heart and so glad you got to go and especially have some yummy fried treats!! Lol 😛

    I love your funny as always. And that zucchini bread looks SO good!! But you know I totally loved the video!! It’s a full sized Ruby!! Love Love Love LOVE! And such a cool new decoration on beautifully painted siding.

    Love our Monday catch up! Best of luck on starting the new school year soon. I’m counting the days here as it’s late summer so I play referee with the kiddos a lot more. Gggrrrr 😉


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  2. Love the color you painted garage. I had my first pierogi a few days ago at Sam’s club pretty good but not ready to hand over $30 bucks for them. That festival looks fun and the photo of the Buscia-so funny. Have a great week.

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