Five Minute Friday: Quiet


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After the clock strikes midnight, the silence is almost deafening. But I let it embrace me like a warm, soft blanket. It’s what I long for at the end of a day filled with questions. Like home schooling questions, “Mom, so how did the scientists know what color the dinosaurs were, if they only found their bones.” Good question….Google? “Mom, can you wash my work clothes?” and the ever popular “Mom, what’s for dinner?” times 4. This one also comes in the form of a phone call, from my daughter, when she is on her way home from work. I usually don’t say hello, just tell her what I’m making.  Last but not least, my youngest starts most of his sentences with “Quick question…” whether it’s a question or not, and trust me it usually isn’t quick by any means. 🙂

So after a day like this, I just want it quiet. So it’s once everyone is asleep, I can finally relax, with a snack, and do what I want to do, and not have to answer any more questions. I can catch up on my favorite shows, catch up with friends on Facebook, through email, or their blogs. The only sound I want to hear is the low hum of the refrigerator, or the sound of the heat kicking on and off on a cold winter’s night. Ahhh….it’s quiet, the perfect time to get lost in a book. Quiet is a commodity that is worth far more to me than diamonds or gold. Well…maybe not diamonds. Nonetheless, it is not only what I want, but as an introvert, it’s what I need each night, so that I can recharge and be ready for another day, no matter how many questions I have to answer.


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