Who Needs the Groundhog? #groundhogday

Well today is Groundhog day. The official groundhog lives in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, and his name is Phil…Punxsutawney Phil that is. The story goes, if on this morning, he doesn’t see his shadow, we’ll have an early spring. If he does see his shadow, then we will have 6 more weeks of winter. So here’s the thing. The first day of spring is actually March 20, which is like 6 weeks away anyway, so this is not an exact science by any means.

The news reports are now in, and he did not see his shadow, I repeat, no shadow. So we are in for an early spring.

But of course this all takes place in Pennsylvania. I myself have my own little indicator. It’s not only Groundhog Day for us today, but we also celebrate my son’s birthday. My son Elijah is 15 today!! So let’s see if Elijah sees his shadow today or not (it won’t be difficult being that he’s like 6 feet tall).

Well folks, there you have it, no shadow from Phil AND Elijah. Looks like an early spring. My dear friend Carrie up in the Northwoods will be happy to hear this, she’s been dreaming of spring since January 1st 😉

3 thoughts on “Who Needs the Groundhog? #groundhogday

  1. I don’t have much confidence in old Phill’s forecasts anymore. I moved to Mississippi a few years ago from Texas, and it seems that every year I’ve been here, or at least the last two, he’s been absolutely wrong. I’ll just take the weather as it comes, and dream of the days it no longer gets below 65*F. 😀

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