Happy Homemaker Monday 01.04.16

Happy New Year!!  I rang in the new year with a horrible cough and cold, along with my kiddos.  It has knocked me out for the past couple of days, so needless to say, we did not get back to school today.  The bright side…at least we all had it together.  It seems I am always hit with something like this right in the new year, while I am eager to get things done.  Ugh!!  The sinus pressure is the worst, it’s time to get the Sudafed coursing through my veins so I can function today…well what’s left of it 😐

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This is what the boys and I watched on New Years Eve. This was such a cute, clever movie with a good message to it.




I’m in need of some comfort food, and this looks so delicious right now!! Definitely going to try this once I venture out to the store for some real groceries.

Classic Chicken and Noodle Casserole


How an Introvert Makes a Phone Call

This is spot on!! I thought it was just one of my quirks. So glad I’m not alone!! I’m also one who puts too much thought into making a call, I always wonder what the other person might be doing at the time I want to call them. When I convince myself that they are probably busy and I probably shouldn’t bother them, I don’t make the call, LOL. One of the comments on this article was “I don’t get it. i just pick up the phone and dial. the rest comes naturally.” If only 😐


Salt to Clean an Iron: Remove sticky residue on your iron with salt. Simply turn the iron onto the hottest setting without steam and run it over salt sprinkled on paper or a cotton towel. Has anyone tried this?

I knew there was an easier way. The last time I cleaned my iron, I used a straight razor and my ‘Ove’Glove with the iron on, to scrap off the yucky stuff. Not an easy task, going to try the above tip, since I noticed it needs to be cleaned again.



© 2015 Liv’s Photography





5 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 01.04.16

  1. Hi sweet Friend!! Hope you’re feeling better! I’ve recently been dealing with some health issues, but hope that I’ll be back on track soon. May be in and out of blogging world this week and will need to play it by ear.

    Love your cartoon – you know me and my laundry woes. Lol! So I definitely appreciate it. Annie saw that movie, but I haven’t yet. Hope to soon though..

    Take care and enjoy that comfort food! xoxo

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  2. Oh, no! I hope everyone is feeling better! My step-daughter arrived for a 4 day visit with the sniffles and coughs. I think she shared…But it’s that time of year around here. It seems like everyone has a cold. Your temperatures look WARM. LOL We’re up to 5 degrees this morning (and it’s almost noon). I’m looking forward to 30s again!

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  3. I hope you feel much better. It is no fun to be sick during holidays (and breaks). I know, I was sick as well right around Christmas (2 glasses of Emergen-C and one of my son’s energy drinks just to get through the days) but I ended up going to a minute clinic and getting antibiotics and Rx cough medicine. I am glad I went because I feel so much better now. Hope you have a healthy and happy week ahead!

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