Happy Homemaker Monday 11/16

Had a nice weekend visiting with family celebrating my mom’s 75th birthday!!  The weather warmed up a little bit, but we are back to gloomy and cold, lots of rain on the way.  You know I am just waiting for the snow!! 🙂  Cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week already.  These weeks are just flying by.

Even in the midst of my busy, I continue to pray for the families across the world who endured such sadness this weekend.

Linking-up with Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.



I love my Kindle and how they always recommend books for me, I think there have only been a few that I did not like.  The one I just finished was really good.  It’s by Lucy Score and the title is Pretend You’re Mine.  Yeah I know…the title…I was expecting the usual story where they pretend to be together and of course have super hot chemistry, and that’s about it.  But this had so much more in the story line, once I got half way through I had a hard time putting it down.  The dialogue between all the characters was filled with so much playful banter, it made me laugh quite a few times.  It was a timely book too with last week being Veterans day, and the main character is deployed for 6 months.

These look so yummy…I would probably add a scoop of ice cream to mine. 🙂

If only…



My daughter found this and shared it with me.  Another one of my favorite things…castles!!  It breaks my heart to see such beauty neglected, but the beauty is still there.  Not sure I would like to live in a place surrounded by a mote though, lol.  You can read about it here.





4 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 11/16

  1. Hello my dear sweet Friend!! Sorry I’ve had some busy nights and I’m behind catching up! I’ll be back later to read for blog battle. Taking my MIL to an MD appt soon.

    Happy belated to your Mom!!! I just know she’s a gem because you’re such a GEM!! 😉

    I’ve made dumplings like those – very tasty for being so easy! And I love the sock cartoon. Lol TOO TRUE!!

    I look forward to watching the castle video when I have more time. I”m intrigued by them. I just imagine the history, and their size and just what living in one would really have been like. So big and….I’m thinking cold! 🙂

    Blessings my dear and I’ll be back soon! xoxo


    • I know about trying to catch up reading everyone’s blogs, then we have the holidays coming up!! The sock cartoon just made me laugh, so funny. The castle video is beautiful, and I’m with you on it feeling cold, I’m sure it does. But that is why there is a handsome Prince, or Duke, or Count or some kinda nobleman to live with to keep you warm…LOL.

      Hope you have a great week dear gal!! xx


  2. I love the graphics on your weather forecast. Are they from a site you follow or your own design?

    Kindle has been my downfall. It’s like little gremlins got inside my head and want to know my every thought. ALL of their recommendations are spot on!

    And I adore your sock cartoon! It should be framed and hung in EVERY laundry room.

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