Happy Homemaker Monday 10/12


Here’s to a great week ahead!! 🙂

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The whole family watched this the other night.  With the twins hardly home this was no small feat.  I LOVE the Avengers!!  There’s nothing like an action packed movie with Super Heros, not to mention the dry humor from all the characters is the best.  This one was good, because they included the personal life of a couple of the characters in the storyline.  Two thumbs up!!

I had forgotten about this recipe and made it some time ago.  This is really good on toast, and is probably good on bagels too…if you like that sort of thing 🙂

Roadhouse Cinnamon Butter

1 stick of Butter (room temp, soft)
¼ cup powdered sugar
¼ cup of natural honey
1 tblsp ground cinnamon

Mix all together and store in the fridge.  Use a jar with a lid, or a soft margarine dish.


Cubs games when they play!!  Blindspot, Castle, The Good Wife!!

All day breakfast at McDonald’s!!



WHAT I’M CREATING:calligraphyphoto
Finally set some time aside to work on my calligraphy.  With a hot cuppa coffee, Pandora streaming my favorite tunes in my earbuds, I lost track of time, even though my fingers were aching.  This is after several hours, practicing two of my favorite quotes, and this is just one style of letters.  The Round Lettering with the brush pens is going to take a whole lot more practice, but I am determined to learn that technique as well.  Eventually want to add all those swirly thingamajigs around the words, but needed to start somewhere 🙂


This is my favorite spot in the park by the lake.  On the other side are stone steps that go up and down and are built into the hill.


9 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 10/12

  1. Hia…finally had a mo to check your blog from my laptop (can’t leave comments from my phone for some reason)…..that film is fab isn’t it? Me and my son are slowly working our way through the Marvel film ‘series’…..they’re totally not what I would normally watch but they’re so good! We saw this one in the 4D cinema (v.expensive but totally worth it!)….love the last quote (I think you’d really like the film Jackie&Ryan; touches on a few ‘issues’ but well worth the watch…)….your local park looks delightful (and so fresh!)…..and I love your calligraphy…I would so love some of my favourite quotes “calligraphied” and in frames….you’ll have to give me a quote…(LOL about the batman clothes!)…I read something the other day that stuck with me: “Dress as seriously as you want to be taken”…..have a great week….I *am* reading along with you but have precious little time to use my laptop for anything other than work/writing (and my neck is playing up too….)….Helen xxx

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    • I know I find it hard to find time to make my rounds to all my favorite blogs!! Glad you were able to stop by. I would like to do more quotes with the calligraphy, and add all those fancy flourishes to them as well…but need more practice 🙂


      • Hia! Yes, we need a few more hours in each day, don’t we?! When you’re feeling happier with your calligraphy, I’d definitely like one of yours on my wall in a frame: I’ll commission you, OK…..have a great week! Helen xx

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  2. I love those super hero movies too! I’ll have to add this one to my list. 😉

    I bet that does make some yummy toast. I have a really yummy recipe for oven cinnamon toast I will do some day soon and share – it’s absolute heaven!!

    I’m so excited about McD’s full time breakfast. I like their breakfasts more than anything else there.

    I LOVE how your calligraphy turned out!! Great job Lady. Keep sharing more!
    Love your photos and inspiration too. 🙂
    Blessings on your week my dear sweet Friend!! xoxo

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