Happy Homemaker Monday 09/14

HHMThe weather has been rather chilly, but it looks like it will warm up this week a bit.  Had a nice weekend, it was the twin’s birthday on Sunday, they turned 20!!  Even though they still live at home, it is difficult to get everyone together at one time.  I cherish these times with them, as I know all to soon they will be few and far between…basically I blinked and they are now two wonderful young adults. *sigh*.  Hope everyone has a great week ahead!!

Linking-up with Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.


I really only got the opportunity to read the other Blogbattle entries.  Blogbattle is a weekly “contest” where anyone can join in and write a short story (1000 words max) using the word that is given for that week.  There are some very good stories that come out of these battles each week.  Anyone can join in to write, and anyone can also vote for their favorite story.  All you have to do is read all the stories, and then cast your vote for your top 3.  The poll goes on the page on Wednesday.

This was started by Rachael Ritchey 6 months ago.  I cannot believe it has been that long.  I joined in on week 6, and only missed a couple weeks along the way.  It is a wonderful community of very talented, passionate writers, encouraging each other, and having fun with something we enjoy doing.  I know we are getting more and more writers involved, but I don’t know how many just readers there are.  Rachael has asked the blogbattlers to:

Invite all your friends and followers on social media to read our free stories every week and vote…so we can share the experience with people who just enjoy reading a good story and like to have a say in the winner of a little friendly competition. The more people reading and voting, the better!

I would love to see it grow to a community of writers and readers.  Anyone who loves to read would enjoy reading the stories, and being able to pick their favorite, which then encourages the writer if their story is chosen for the week.  If you, or know anyone who loves to read, share the link with them please 🙂


My daughter and I did make the Cinnamon Roll Bread Twists.  They have a good flavor, but I’m not used to working with bread dough.  I did use frozen bread dough.  I like things nice and simple, and I thought they were more work than they were worth.

This is one of my sons favorite desserts, so I made this for him for his birthday.  The twins aren’t big cake people.  This is a recipe that my grandma used to make, simple and delicious.

Butterscotch Rice Krispies

1 c. Peanut Butter (I think Skippy works the best for taste)
1 bag Butterscotch Chips
5 c. Rice Krispies Cereal

Melt the peanut butter and butterscotch chips in a double broiler, (or on low heat) until they are creamy.  Stir in Rice Krispies so they are coated.  Spread flat in a 9 x 13 pan.  Refrigerate until set. (about an hour).  Keep in the fridge.



Football!!  Sunday was the official start of the NFL football season, we are Chicago Bear fans!!  I don’t always get to sit and watch the whole game, I’m usually in the next room doing my lesson plans, but from time to time I’ll get to watch part of the game, especially after the living room erupts into cheers, high fives, and chest bumps. #boys

But if the game is in the winter and it’s snowing…then I’ll sit and watch it, snuggled up with some hot chocolate, and my Bears Snuggie (yes…I said snuggie…don’t judge 😉 )

“Calligraphy is Music for the eyes!!”  I’ll be getting my pens soon, and found the books I want to get…it’s only a matter of time.  This guy makes it look so easy!!


❤ Happy Birthday to my twins Joshua & Olivia!! ❤



10 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 09/14

  1. Beautiful photo of your children xxx So so much I want to comment on…..all of it! Love getting to know you a bit better with every one of these posts (even if time doesn’t allow me to read them all)…..had to laugh at the ‘google being a woman’ image! I’d always thought of Google as a man as it professes to know everything (LOL!!!!)….[will be back shortly; I just remembered why I always try to save up your blog for ‘when I have a bit of time’…because I like to read your posts slowly, to appreciate them!]…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I will need to go read on Wednesdays when I can – I sure love reading your stories my Girl. 😉
    Those butterscotch krispies probably taste a lot like a scotcheroo… Just add chocolate frosting. Mmmmm!
    Uh oh – we’re big rivals as I was born & bred on the Packers! Although we consider our big opponents in the north up here – the Minnesota Vikings- even more than da Bears. Lol 🙂
    Happy bday to your kiddos! They’re so beautiful (& so adorable in the younger years photos)! I can tell you’re one proud Mama.
    I love your inspiration photo!! Happy week my Dear. Xo


    • 🙂 I had a feeling you’d be a Packer’s fan. My sister’s family are Colt’s fans…yes we live in Indiana, but we can actually see Chicago!! I’m also a Cub’s fan too. Hope you have a great week!! xx


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