Day 21: Favorite Christmas Poem or Picture

Day 21

Linking up for Blogmas 2014…25 Days of Christmas. Because I LOVE Christmastime… Snow is in the forecast!! 🙂

This picture was taken in 2010, and is the last photo we took of us all together.  When this was posted on Face Book my brother (on my right) summed it up in his comment:  Wow what a great photo!!! Everyone in one shot! That’s rarer than a unicorn sighting!!!


At the time my sister and parents both lived in the town we grew up in, I was south of them in Illinois, my brother on the left was north of them in Illinois (the farthest away) and my other brother was east of them in Indiana. We weren’t extremely far from one another like some families are, but still difficult to get us all together at one time, especially on the holidays.  This is one of my favorites especially now that my dad is no longer with us.

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