Day 6: When do you open presents?

Day 6

Linking up for Blogmas 2014…25 Days of Christmas. Because I LOVE Christmastime…now if it would only snow!! 🙂

I don’t put presents out under the tree until Christmas Eve, usually when my daughter and I do all the wrapping, which is my favorite thing to do!!  Even then I don’t put out all of them yet, I’ll leave a few to put out once the kids are asleep.  So we open our presents on Christmas Morning…early…Christmas Morning.

My kids know to wake me up, and just let me head to the kitchen for my cup of coffee. 🙂  We don’t open presents right away, we read the Christmas story from the Bible, and then say a short prayer and thank God for another blessed year.  While my two youngest pass out the presents, Nat King Cole plays in the background.  Once everyone has a small pile in front of them, we take turns opening the gifts starting from the youngest to the oldest.  Once the presents are all opened, we get the screwdrivers and wire cutters out to actually get the toys from their boxes, and start to clean up all the wrapping paper, it’s at this point that my middle son will exclaim, “This is the BEST Christmas Ever!!”

It’s funny how something that took so long to prepare for, seems to be over in an instant, once the presents are opened.  But it’s all well worth it as I look around and see the smiles on everyone’s faces…the kids are having fun and actually getting along…everyone is happy….ahhhh….peace on earth!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Day 6: When do you open presents?

  1. Following along with Sandra’s Blogmas posts….

    I love how you included getting the wirecutters and screw drivers out….sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to open them all before we wrap them? LOL Also love your tradition of having music in the background. I might have to try that this year. 🙂

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