Ciao, Scrabulous

The Scrabulous website is no more. About a week ago, I heard something about the creators being sued. But last night, I saw it on Nightline. I actually didn’t know that it started on Facebook. I always played at the actual site. So Hasbro sued them, and they were forced to remove the game from Facebook, and now the site is down as well. Hasbro also launched their own Scrabble site. So I went there today, looking for an online game, when you click on the play online button, it takes you to another page, and on the side you click to play online at a whole different site. So you cannot actually play Scrabble on the “official Scrabble site.” You can get all kinds of info about all their other games, and play some other games on the site, but no Scrabble. After I finally found the online version at the other site, I was highly disappointed, there was a picture of the board, and it was no where near as nice as the Scrabulous game, so I didn’t go any further. I have read that the creators of Scrabulous have launched a new game called Wordscraper, which is already available on Facebook, the actual site is coming soon. The rules have changed, and the board has round tiles instead of square, and the point system is different. I don’t know how well this new version will go over; I’ll check it out. I really enjoyed the different types of games they had on Scrabulous, and will miss it dearly. So it is with great sadness, that I have removed the link to Scrabulous from my Favorite Links. (sniff, sniff).

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