Throwback Thursday

Since school has started, seems like time for me is non-existent.  So, I did not get a chance to get my Monday post together, or join in the Blogbattle, so I thought I’d share one of my favorite blog posts from the past.  This was linked to Five Minute Friday.  I know I took longer than 5 minutes to put this together, back then I was just looking for writing prompts to get my creativity flowing.  Enjoy!!

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I have always been fascinated by abandoned buildings.  That’s why I love coming across these photographers now on the Internet, that capture the mystery of these forgotten dwellings.  My favorite photographer is Andre Govia.  I like to look at these photos and see the different objects that still remain; especially pianos.  My first thought is, who leaves a piano behind?  I know they aren’t easy to move, but still…it’s a piano!!  There are so many more questions that go through my head as I study the details of these photos and admire the beautiful architecture.  I look past the sadness of what now is, and try to find the beauty in what once was.

I wonder what types of events took place in this room, how many different people actually passed through this room over the years?  Was it used for parties and family gatherings, or was it only occupied by one person as they honed their skills?


How many times was this piano forced to play “Copacabana”, “Fur Elise” or simply “Happy Birthday?”  Was it always alone or did it get the chance to enjoy the company of other instruments?  Were there only classically trained musicians who sat down at the keys, or did small sticky fingers bang enthusiastically on them out of curiosity?  Or, was there someone that found solace alone in this room as they poured their heart out through their fingers dancing across the ivory?  Why is it still here?


Most people probably look at these photos and only see the deterioration of a forgotten place and the destruction of neglect.  But those of us who can look past all that, will see the beauty of all the possible memories that are preserved within those four walls and still remain.


Christmas Eve and #TBT

Sharing  a post from last year’s Blogmas that I participated in.  This was from
Day 2: What Christmas Means to You

Day 2


Linking up for Blogmas 2014…25 Days of Christmas. Because I LOVE Christmastime…now if it would only snow!! 🙂

When I was growing up, we decorated, baked cookies, had Christmas parties with friends, and did the whole Santa and reindeer thing.  But the highlight for me was Midnight Mass.  We would spend Christmas Eve at my grandma’s with my mom’s brothers and sisters and all of our cousins, visiting and opening presents.  Then we would go home for awhile and try to rest before we went to Mass.  It was actually at midnight, which I’m not sure if many churches do that anymore.  I just remember the excitement, maybe it was just because I got to stay up late, but as I remember it now, there just seemed to be an aura of peace and joy that night.  I would be wearing a new dress, and most everyone at church would be dressed up too.  I loved walking into the church and seeing all the decorations, the huge brightly lit Christmas Trees, the wreaths draped with red bows, and the large nativity that was empty through the advent season up until this night.  People greeted each other with genuine smiles and well wishes.  Then the choir would sing all those beautiful Christmas carols, and for this one night they would add drums and a trumpet.  Even though it was the same Mass we sat through Sunday after Sunday, this night, it was different…special.  At the end of Mass, the choir’s finale was a resounding “Joy To the World,” that you could feel deep in your soul. At it’s very last note everyone couldn’t help but applaud, which was unheard of back then in a Catholic church…but this night was different…special.  We would go out into the still night air, and it would be freezing outside, but you felt warm on the inside, and those occasions when snow would be falling, just made it complete.  I knew then that Christmas wasn’t about the fancy decorations, or the presents, or the celebrating with friends and family.  It was about the birth of Jesus, and having faith in God no matter what the New Year would bring.

It’s been a long time since I’ve attended Midnight Mass, but as I got older I learned to try to hold on to that special feeling all throughout the year.  But it’s  always easier at this time, as the year is winding down, and we anticipate the New Year and what it will bring. Even in the midst of the hustle and bustle, it’s a time of year that I feel like I can just breathe for a moment.  Because even while in the midst of whatever life is throwing at us, it seems that during Christmastime everything is good and everyone is happy…it’s different…special.

Merry Christmas Eve!!