FAB-RUARY DAY 15: Fave Artist

Linking up with I Will Bloom for Fab-ruary…A month of blog challenges to help you ‘find the fab’.

Julian Beever is not your typical artist.  He is known for his pavement drawings, that have a 3D illusion when viewed a certain way.  They do not look 3D to the naked eye, they can be viewed on a mobile phone, ipad or other screen, as well as a camera which he has set up on a tripod for people to look through.

His drawings typically take 4 days to create.

It is definitely all about perspective.

You can visit his website and view some of his 3D drawings here, or you can Google his name.

He’s also compiled a book with his drawings in it.  I think this would make an interesting coffee table book.


These are just a few of his drawings.

3D view

Normal View