Just One Snowflake

Sharing another Holiday story.  This story was written from the one word prompt:  Flake.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Just One Snowflake

Madison thought she could get away with answering emails using her phone until her wifi was hooked up in her new house, but no such luck.  She only had a couple more boxes to unpack, when her phone chirps.  She skims through the long email, then groans as she realizes she would need her laptop to reply.  She wasn’t planning a trip to the library, but it looks like that is where she is headed.  Oh well, she could use a break from the unpacking, it shouldn’t take her too long, plus she could stop at the grocery store for some food before the early winter storm hit.  The weatherman was estimating it to begin well after midnight.

With her laptop in tow, she steps into the library, and is flooded with a deluge of memories from her childhood.  How many hours did spend in this place?  The familiar look and feel of it brought a smile to her face, as a sense of comfort enveloped her like a favorite sweater.  The only difference to the old building were the upgrades that were seamlessly integrated into the original architecture.

She focused on getting her work done as quickly as possible.  When she finishes, she packs up her things, thinking about a few items she needs to add to her list for the grocery store.  When she steps out the door, she cannot believe her eyes.  There is at least 4 inches of snow already on the ground.  How long had she been in there?  She checks the time on her phone and realizes a good hour and a half had passed.  She slips her phone back into her pocket and retrieves her gloves, so grateful that she had stuffed them in her pockets earlier.  Not that she was all prepared or anything, it was just that she had been freezing since she got here, obviously her body had not adjusted to the colder weather.  She trudges over to her snow-covered car, yeah, so not prepared, she would have to clean it off just by using her hands.  She stashes her computer bag and purse in the back seat, and begins clearing off her windows, she just wishes her gloves weren’t getting soaked so quickly, her fingers begin to get cold.  Just then from behind her she hears a deep male voice say, “May I help?”

As she turns towards the voice, her eyes are stopped by a broad chest, bundled in black wool, her eyes skim up past the gray cashmere scarf and land on a set of chocolate brown eyes that make her pulse stop.  Her mind screams, Oh, heck yeah!  But when she can get her brain and mouth to work together, she stammers, “Uh….why yes, thank you.”

With a gorgeous smile accented with a dimple, of course, he hands her one of the two snow brushes he held in his leather-clad hands, “This won’t take long if we work together.  You must not be from around here.”  She interprets the comment as a friendly jab to her unpreparedness.

“Not recently, but I grew up here, and forgot how quickly these storms can move in.  Besides, the weatherman said this wouldn’t hit until after midnight.”  She states her defense.

“You know they are right like…only 25% of the time?” he says with a quiet laugh.

“Very funny.  Well when I left there wasn’t a flake or a flurry in the sky.  Plus…it’s November.”  She shrugs and says, “No big deal.”  She stretches her arms out and looks up to the sky, letting the fluffy flakes pepper her face, she exclaims, “Oh, I’ve missed this.  Look how beautiful it is!!”

“Yes, yes, it is.”  He replies as he looks directly at her.

As they finish up, she says, “Thanks so much for your help,” handing him the snow brush.  “I really appreciate it, let me buy you some coffee or hot chocolate, unless you have someplace to be.”  She looks at him, thinking something about him seems familiar.

“You’re very welcome, actually a cup of coffee sounds great, thank you.”  He takes the snow brush from her.

“Since my car is cleaned off, I’ll drive, hop in.”  She starts the car and they settle in.  “By the way, I’m Madison Landers.”

“Nice to meet you, Madison, I’m Noah Ross.”  They both say his last name at the same time, Madison’s eyes widen with revelation.  “I thought you looked familiar.  Your sister and I were best friends when we were in high school.  I only met you a couple of times, then you left for college.”

He searched her face and then he remembered, “Maddie.”

“Yep, you remembered.” She says with a laugh.

“How could I not?  You and Natalie were inseparable.  Do you still keep in touch?”

Madison nods her head, “I actually talked to her not too long ago, told her I was heading back home.  We made plans to get together at Christmas when she’s home.”

Noah and Madison continue to talk and catch up.  Coffee turns into dinner, and dinner turns into them spending every free minute they have together, and talking on a daily basis

♥ ♥ ♥

On Christmas Eve they decide to have a nice quiet dinner at Madison’s.  As she gets ready, she reflects on the things that have taken place over the past month.  Funny how she was reluctant to come back home, she never thought about relocating, she enjoyed her life in Arizona.  But when the opportunity came up to go back to her hometown, something about it felt right.  Now she knows why.  Meeting Noah was so unexpected, but definitely a welcomed surprise.

There’s a knock at the door.  Madison opens the door to a blast of cold air and swirling snow crystals.  Noah steps in and hands her a bottle of wine, as he brushes himself off and removes his coat.  She takes the wine to the kitchen.  Noah walks in holding a small box in his hand.  “Before we eat dinner, I want you to open this.”  He says as the corners of his mouth turn up in a smile.

Madison opens it and finds a delicate silver snowflake necklace, laced with diamonds resting on light blue velvet.  “Oh, Noah, it’s beautiful!!  Thank you.”

“When I saw it, I just had to get it for you, since you love snow.  Also, to remind you that it takes just one snowflake to create a snow storm, and that is what brought us together.”

She took it out of the box and handed it to him, “Help me put it on.”  She moved her hair to the side as he fastened the clasp.  When she turned around for him to see she asked, “How does it look.”

“Beautiful, just like you.  Merry Christmas Maddie.”  He pulls her close, then brushes a tender kiss on her lips, one that is full of love and promise…for always.

© 2015 Carrie Ann


A Walk in the Snow

Wanted to share one of my Christmas stories I wrote a few years ago.  I was given one word as a prompt to write a story.  The word was Brick.


A Walk in the Snow

How is it that she found herself sitting across from this man?  She didn’t plan on being in this position ever again…laughing, talking…feeling.  It wasn’t that she was heartless, it’s just that her heart wasn’t available; it was guarded by the wall she carefully built around it.  Yet was it?

Anya has had her share of disappointment and heartache throughout her life.  She learned early on not to make each disappointment a litany of her life, she let it go and moved on.  But it was her last relationship that taught her to guard her heart once and for all.  He was her first love.  When she was ready to go away to college, he talked her into staying locally.  At the time it didn’t seem such a great sacrifice.  After all they talked of a future together, they declared their love for one another.  She wasn’t going to give up on her dreams altogether, just taking a different path to pursue them.  Besides, they were together.  Until they weren’t.  A few weeks before Christmas he left her.  He didn’t even have the decency to say goodbye.  One day he was just gone, left without a trace, vanished into thin air, like he fell off the face of the earth…well…you get the picture.

In the beginning she wondered why.  It was always the why.  Each day it was his voice that she heard, as she rehashed their time together in her mind.  Until she decided to use each one of those memories, every negative word spoken against her, every inconsiderate action, as bricks to build a wall around her heart.  Each tear that fell served as the mortar to cement them together.  She poured her energies into her schooling and became a successful Advertising Executive.  Never looking back again.  Occasionally, she would date, go out and have fun, but she only let people get so close.  There were a few that got close to the wall, but that was it, she wouldn’t allow them to peek over.  She wouldn’t take that chance again.

Then one day she met Justice. Justice made her heart beat a little faster whenever he was near.  The more time they spent together the more her heart ached to be free to love again.  She found herself feeling things she hadn’t felt in years.  Things she didn’t allow herself to feel this passionately.

She enjoyed their time together, but the more time they spent together, the more it unsettled her.  Because the way he looked at her, the way he made her feel, with each genuine compliment, each considerate gesture he bestowed upon her, she found her bricks began to come down, one by one.  Who was he?  She didn’t trust many people, could she trust him?  She could hear the answer echo off those brick walls, as a plea for freedom.

It was during the long, late night conversations that she found herself offering up one of the bricks in the form of a long-buried desire.  Bracing herself for when he would carelessly throw it back at her, instead he held onto it as if it were a precious gift, only wanting to use this shared secret to make her happy.  This was the case when she tells him how she loves when it snows, loved Christmastime as a kid, but as an adult, not so much.  He quietly listens as she tells him the painful reason why.

“I’m sorry you haven’t had a nice Christmas, Anya.” He places his hand on top of hers.. “Christmas is my favorite time of year, it’s when all seems right with the world.”

“It’s been awhile since I’ve felt that way,” she tucks her hair behind her ear.

“Well, I’m going to have to change that,” he lifts her hand and kisses her knuckles.

♥ ♥ ♥

A week before Christmas, after a long day at work, Anya is at home making herself a cup of hot chocolate.  As she waits for the milk to heat up, she watches the falling snow from her kitchen window.  The sense of peace and wonder settles over her soul.  Just then her phone chirps, a text message from Justice.


What are you doing?

Making some hot chocolate.

Stop.  Come outside and play in the snow.

What? Seriously?

Yes…I’m waiting for you on your front porch.


Just then there is a knock at her door.  Who does this?  She opens the door, and sure enough he’s there, covered in large, fluffy flakes.  “Play in the snow, really Justice?” She says with eyebrow raised.

“OK, OK, let’s take a walk then.  It’s snowing!!  I’ll buy you some hot chocolate at Starbucks.” He says with a gorgeous smile that she can’t resist.

They walk with their fingers entwined, absorbing the silent beauty, with their footprints side by side, making tracks in the new fallen snow.

When they get to Starbucks, they find a table in the corner; he helps her out of her coat and orders their hot beverages.  She watches as he talks with the Barista, not in a flirtatious way, but with the kindness that is the essence of him.

As Christmas music plays in the background, Anya asks, “So what are your plans for the holidays?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing.  My hope is that I’m Christmasing with you.” He takes a sip of coffee.

Laughing, “Is that even a word?”

“It’s a word,” he puts his cup down.  “It’s actually a lyric in a song.  I’m serious Anya, I want to spend Christmas with you, I want you to enjoy it just like you did as a kid.”

“I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend Christmas, I’m all yours.” With a sparkle in her eye, and a smile filled with pure joy she reaches across the table to hold his hands.

How is it that she found herself sitting across from this man?  Only she can hear the answer, a thud inside her chest as the last few bricks crumble away from her heart.

Flashing that gorgeous smile of his, “Good…because all I want for Christmas is you.” With his index finger, he brushes the hair from her eyes and kisses her.


© 2015 Carrie Ann


Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

Every December, my mom talks about the Christmas Holiday train. She saw it the first time by surprise. This was some years ago, before the new homes were built behind ours, so she had a view of the lake and the trains from her kitchen window. Her first Christmas in this house, she was sitting at the table looking out the kitchen window when the Holiday Train went by. For the past few years it has gone through Whiting in the wee hours of the morning. But this year I saw a FB post where people were tracking it, so I asked Ben if he wanted to get up and go see it, so we did.

As we waited the updates on the FB page were slowing down, so each freight train that went by, we are thinking this is it! We had the heat on in the car, and the Christmas carols playing, so it wasn’t too bad, though we waited through 6 freight trains, before the Holiday Train came through! I did have my phone on video, but it didn’t come out clear, I didn’t want to miss it trying to capture it on video, because video doesn’t do it justice! Ben and I watched as it went by in silent awe at the vibrant colors, the detailed animated scenes, and just the precision of the designs. Soooo worth the wait for that brief moment!

This is not my picture, I found this one on the internet. It’s a beautiful sight to see, and puts you in the Christmas spirit!


Happy Homemaker Monday 07.09.18

Good Evening! Wow, it certainly has been a long time, I think my last post was in May.  I was working my seasonal job at the photography studio and it seems it just started but is now coming to a close.  I always enjoy the work, but this year it was a bit more difficult with the work I have been doing at home, but now I have a couple of weeks before school starts with the boys, so that I can tackle some projects I have been wanting to get to, and I can breathe a little bit, lol.  Hope everyone had a great 4th of July.  More on that later.  Keep cool and stay hydrated!

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So, update on our grass planting. It didn’t work.  I bought the Scott’s brand grass seed, and it was guaranteed to grow. Well it didn’t. My mom emailed the company and we got a full refund!  The grass looks better, but I will work on the spots and try to get it looking better.

Along with the 4th we also celebrate my youngest son’s birthday.  This year he turned 13!  We had a nice time with family, my brother and his family came to visit, they live about an hour and a half away, so we don’t see them too often.  Ben enjoyed the parade, I did not attend this year, woke up with a bad headache, and the heat was just too much for me.  He wears a hat that says “Today is my Birthday” so he gets a lot of attention. There is a float for our Pierogi Fest that has the Busia’s and Mr. Pierogi riding on it. So they stopped in front of Ben and the Busias sang him Happy Birthday in Polish.  He thought that was awesome!  The White Castle Truck actually has someone handing out White Castle hamburgers, so he got one of those, and when they guy read his hat, he went back to his truck and brought back Ben a whole bag of White Castles.  If you are wondering what White Castle’s are, they are tiny little square hamburgers, and the restaurants are built like (white) castles and found in the Midwest.  Our town has one of the oldest White Castle restaurants in Indiana, it opened in 1935.

We don’t have much planned for the remainder of the summer, my middle son is leaving tomorrow for a church youth camp and will be gone for about 4 days.  When he gets back, maybe we’ll go bowling, and I just saw that the Jet Ski races on the lake will be in August.


This is a video my 3 sons made.



This was the outfit that Ben wore to church before the 4th.  His sister bought him the fedora (it has lights that blink too).  My mom’s birthday gift to him was giving him money to go to a barber for his first “professional” hair cut.


Elijah & Ben


And of course the traditional Hamburger Cake.