Happy Homemaker Monday 09.25.17

Good Morning!!  Had an exciting weekend, check out What’s Happening below.  The weather was hotter than usual, first day of fall it was over 90 degrees out here.  Enjoy your week ahead!!

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Thought I’d change it up a bit and NOT post a dessert, lol.  I thought this was a clever idea.  I do like omelets, but not with veggies.  Just a basic meat and cheese one would do for me.





These guys are pretty insane, and so fun to watch.



Wednesday night was a beautiful night for our Cruise Night.  No matter how many times I go, it’s always nice to walk along the main street and see all those cool cars, and always run into some people I know.

Thursday, my mom and I went to the library for Adult Game night.  That was fun.  We played Scattergories.  I had a headache for most of the day, so my brain wasn’t functioning to capacity, lol.  How you play is you role a dice with letters on it.  The letter it lands on is the letter that each word in 12 different categories has to start with.  There are cards with the 12 different categories, and you have 3 minutes to come up with the answers.

Friday my shipment of books came in!!  That was so totally exciting!!  Nothing like having a book in your hand, especially one that you are in.  When I opened the box, Ben had to get one out just so he could see my name in print.  While my family is supportive, they aren’t overly excited about this, it’s kinda like “that’s great, mom’s a writer, what’s for dinner?”  After Ben saw my name in print, he started reading the story, and I immediately got reprimanded for the use of language, lol.  There’s a “what the hell” in the first line.  But I was able to get him to take this pic of me.  He was acting like the paparazzi.  So, he was having fun with it, and once that was all done, I figured, ok the excitement is over.  Well later that evening, he says to me.  “Hey mom, when I get to be Elijah’s age, and I’m in high school and I have to pick a book to read, I’ll just pick one of yours.  That way you can give me all the answers.”  Yeah…it kind of took a little curve at the end, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from him 😀

The paperback version is available now.

Kindle version delivered October 1.

The Box Under the Bed

Order Here!!



I had some errands to run Saturday, when I got back my sister was at the house, and got her copy of the book.  She snapped this pic of me signing it for her.





4 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 09.25.17

  1. Hey Babes!
    I”m still just so proud of you Author Lady!! That is just SO beyond awesome. 😉 Love your kiddos reactions too. Sounds about like how something like that would be here too. Lol
    Love your funny – that’s what I think when I hear that song. Haha
    And I”m trying that omelet trick – that looks yummy! And those trick shot dudes – that cannot be real. But highly entertaining!
    Hope you have a blessed rest of the week HOn. Can’t wait until my book arrives! Squeal!! xoxo

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