#BlogBattle: Surfer – Week 61 – Ride the Wave

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The frequency of the BlogBattle has changed to twice a month.  I have missed out on quite a few, and this is coming in under the wire.  Even though I had more time, I still waited to the last minute 😐  So good to be writing again, after such a long break from it.

This week’s word:  Surfer

Genre:  Romance

 Ride the Wave

After a long day in the Salon, Nita finds herself in the break room finishing up a sandwich she started several hours earlier. With pen in hand, she goes over her list of things to pack for her trip, when Michael walks in.

“So tomorrow’s the big day, you excited?”

“Sure, who wouldn’t be excited to go on a beach vacation with a handsome guy.”

“mmm-hmmm…not buying it. I know that look. Stop over thinking Apple Slice. You’re allowed to have fun, and you deserve this get-away. You’ve been busting that little tushie of yours since Cosmetology school.”

“I know, you’re right.” Nita laments

“Of course I am. But you’re not convinced. Spill it, what’s bothering you?”

“This is kinda a big deal don’t you think? I mean Jason is wonderful, and I enjoy spending time with him, but it’s a vacation. We’ll be in a gorgeous place, right on the beach, being able to do whatever we want to. Not having to deal with any day to day pressures.”

“Yeah…so…that’s what a vacation is.” Michael nods his head.

“Ugh Michael…Do I have to spell it out?”

“Uh…obviously.” He holds his hands out palms upward and shakes his head.

It won’t be real. This isn’t a glimpse into what our life would be like. How do I know that I can trust what I feel, or that he’s being genuine?

“Oh Sugar Plum, you cannot compare this to what your sister went through. Not all guys are jerks. There are quite a few of the good ones left. Stop thinking and just enjoy yourself.”

“I know, I know. I guess it’s difficult since we haven’t really defined our relationship. Do people actually do that? I feel like I’m in high school, like I’m waiting for him to “ask me out” she says punctuating the last part in air quotes. “I mean, I know he isn’t seeing anyone else, but he hasn’t actually referred to me as his girlfriend.” Nita explains.

“I think it is safe to say you’re his girlfriend. You’ve been together for like what…five months? He’s taking you to his Class Reunion, and you’re staying on a beautiful beach with his friends, AND you’re flying in the private jet, a perk from his job.”

Nita let’s out a quiet groan. “I forgot about that, one of the conditions of that perk is that he has to attend a meeting while we’re there. What I’m I going to do while he’s at his meeting?”

“Nothing…sit on the beach, read a book, listen to music, watch a movie. I give you permission to have fun Sweet Pea.” Michael pleads.

He stands in front of her, takes her by the hands and lifts her off her chair, then says, “Now go, finish packing, get some sleep. Me and the Salon will be here when you get back.” He wraps his arms around her and gives her a reassuring hug.

She hugs him back, and steps away from him. She is about to walk out the door, but turns back with a finger raised in question.

Michael stops her with a raised hand and closes his eyes. He nods and says, “I know, I know you’ll miss me, but resist the urge to text me. But…if you need me Gingersnap, I’m just a text away. You’ll be fine…Go!! Have fun!!

Nita smiles, waves her farewell, and heads home.


The plane was incredible, Nita was so out of her element. But Jason made her feel comfortable and at ease by telling her stories of his High School days, and all the trouble him, and his friends got into. They’ll be staying with Jason’s friend Jack and his wife, Emma, in their summer home.

They pull up to a fairly large, beautifully landscaped Spanish style home. Nita takes in every detail of the house, the stucco walls, the tile roof, the arches around the doors and windows, once the beauty of it all registers in her brain, she stops on the sidewalk and closes her eyes, letting the sound of the ocean waves wash over her. At that moment, all her stress and worry evaporates in the salty air.

Jason had kept walking towards the front door, when he realizes Nita has stopped, he turns around and just looks at her for a moment before he quietly says, “Nita, you ready to go inside?”

A little embarrassed at her reaction, she nervously laughs and enthusiastically says, “Yes…sorry, it’s all so beautiful.”

He takes her hand and says, “It is. Don’t apologize, I enjoyed seeing your reaction, I guess growing up around this I take it for granted, I need to stop and enjoy it more. Come on, I can’t wait for you to meet Jack and Emma.”

They enter the house, boisterous greetings and introductions are made in the midst of affectionate embraces, that includes Nita as if she has known them all her life as well. They spend some time relaxing and catching up before Nita and Jason head upstairs to get ready for the Reunion dinner. Jason showers quickly, and takes his clothes with him downstairs to change into later, giving Nita time and privacy to get ready. Before he leaves, he wraps his arms around her waist and says, “I’m glad you’re here with me.” Giving her a kiss that is filled with appreciation and desire.

Reluctantly Nita pulls away, looking into his eyes she replies, ”I’m glad to be here.” Smiling she says, “Now go, so I can get ready.” She gives him a playful push.

As Nita admires herself in the mirror, there’s a tap at the door, Jason slowly opens it as he steps in the room, he inquires “Nita, are you ready?” Not quite articulating the last word. Nita turns to face him with her arms spread, her gesture asking what do you think?

“Nita…wow…you look….wow.” With his hand on his chest, Jason stammers as he walks into the room.

Laughing, Nita closes the gap between them and says, “You don’t look too bad yourself” as she straightens his tie and smoothes the lapels of his suit coat. “Shall we go?”

“Yes. But first, so we’re clear, I will introduce you as my girlfriend tonight, there will be no mistaking who the most gorgeous woman in the room is with.” He brushes the hair from her eyes and says, “I really want to kiss you right now, but I don’t want to ruin your lipstick.”

With a mischievous grin she says, “I have no problem with you ruining my lipstick,” then whispers, “just don’t ruin my mascara.” With that she lightly touches her lips to his; a prayer sealed with a kiss.


After a late night filled with great food, good friends, music and a whole lot of reminiscing, their morning starts with, “Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!!” Jack is leaning over Jason, lightly slapping his cheek.

Jason grabs his wrist to stop him and growls, “Dude.”

Jack replies, “Dude!! It’s time to ride the waves…be down in 10.”

By now Nita is awake, “What was that all about?”

“Surfing. Jack wants to go surfing. Sorry about that. You and Emma can meet us there later, if I don’t get down there, he’ll come back…even more annoyingly.”

Emma and Nita make it down to the beach, they spread out their blankets and watch as Jack and Jason expertly ride a wave. “Wow, I didn’t know Jason was a surfer, they’re pretty good.”

“Yeah, they actually are still pretty good. That’s all they did the summer after our senior year, I loved to watch Jack surf, still do.” Emma says wistfully. “But I have to say, I like to watch this part even more.” She nudges Nita and nods her head towards the water. Just then Jack and Jason jog out of the water, surf boards in hand, drops of salty seawater dotting their tanned skin, as they walk towards the girls stretched out on the blankets.

Nita replies, “You know you’re right.” They both laugh as Nita thinks to herself, Best. Vacation. Ever.

© 2016 Carrie Ann

9 thoughts on “#BlogBattle: Surfer – Week 61 – Ride the Wave

  1. Popped over from your ping back on the blog battle. Wonderful short story with huge potential for a much longer story…book series of romance novels and so on…no pressure 😇

    Have to follow your blog now too 🙃

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great job as always Doll!! Perfect summer reading! Just hurry up and start writing the Nita and Michael books so I’ll have a new series to read. 😉

    So nice to have you back writing. Hope all is going well with work world and you’re finding the balance.

    Hugs! xoxo


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