How I Spent My Spring Break…

Spring break is coming to a close, this week went by fast. We didn’t have any real big plans, but we did get some things done, and had some fun in the process…our little stay-cation.  The weather wasn’t cooperating too much, we had a lot of rain, and it’s been cold. Today, we have high winds, occasional snow, or bright sunshine. Go home Mother Nature, you’re drunk!!

Glad that I had planned to paint my son’s room at the beginning of the break. Got that out of the way, and he’s been enjoying it ever since. When my mom saw the before and after pictures, she was very impressed. She saw the progress, and when it was all done, but when you can see it back to back, it shows what a difference it makes. She also told me that it really is amazing when you realize that that room was actually the coal bin when the house was first built. #loveoldhouses. I posted these before, but here they are again 😉

The orange circle thingy is a Star Wars Symbol

As I did some running during the week, I took a couple of rides through the park, and got some of these pictures.

I love the seagulls out here!!

The water was a really weird blue, it almost looked like it was glowing.

The one really nice day we had temperature wise, had rain in the forecast. So I checked my weather app, and saw a window of opportunity before the rain hit, and went out to my spot with my tennis racket and new tennis balls my son gave to me for Christmas. With my tunes streaming, the cool breeze blowing, it felt good to get out and whack a few. A great stress reliever 🙂 This is my tennis opponent:

I do get out with my sons or my daughter on the courts, but I enjoy this time to myself, and it’s good practice. This little area has batting cages behind me, and it also has a roof, so if it does start to rain, I don’t get soaked.  There is also a garbage can to the left, with a small whole in the top, which I do manage to hit some of my tennis balls into, and I don’t like digging through the trash to retrieve them thus the need for new ones 😐  But I realized, since I take two rackets with me, that I can place one of my tennis rackets over the whole, to prevent them from going in.

After all the painting we did, I was feeling soreness in my right hand, and had trouble bending my fingers. I don’t know if playing tennis helped or hurt it. But then that same evening, I ended up bowling with the boys and my daughter. Now I know that didn’t help, but it was fun nonetheless. I won’t share my score, but I did win…by 1 pin, and got in a few strikes. It’s been awhile since the last time I bowled, but we had fun.

So now I’m back to getting things together for the week ahead.  The countdown to Summer vacation begins!! Forty-four. There are forty-four more days until Summer break!! 😀

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