It’s Pączki Day!!

What is a Pączki you ask?

Pączki are pastries traditional to Polish cuisine. They are similar to doughnuts.

They can be filled with any type of filling.  These are filled with Apricot and Prune or Plum Butter filling.  So grateful that my sister dropped these off for my mom and I on her way home from work today.

Why a dedicated day?

This day marks the start of the final week of the pre-Lenten celebrations.While the practice of Pączki Day is traditionally observed the day before Ash Wednesday in the United States, in Poland, pączki sales are the highest on Tlusty Czwartek, or “Fat Thursday.” (The Thursday before Ash Wednesday).


Szczęśliwy Pączki Dziennie!!

(Happy Pączki Day)

4 thoughts on “It’s Pączki Day!!

  1. This, sadly, isn’t part of the culture in this particular part of the Midwest. I am also, sadly, not able to eat wheat….I’m more likely to find a purple unicorn that sings opera instead of a gluten-free paczki (or fasnacht, if you grew up around more Germans.)

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