2015 in Review

This year has been my biggest blogging year yet!! With 1,286 visitors and 3,890 views, I appreciate each and every one of you who have followed, commented or simply stopped by.  I have met some amazing people along the way, who I now call friends.

For me, my biggest accomplishment was actually writing some fictional short stories. I have never written anything fictional. My blog posts were usually geared around my own personal experiences. But I am so grateful that back in April, I found Rachael Ritchey’s #Blogbattles. I had spent several weeks reading the stories submitted by other writers, and then I took the plunge and joined in myself. This is an awesome community of such talented writers.  Some weeks the words were challenging, and more difficult to write, but for the most part, I have enjoyed each week that I have contributed.

I look forward to a new year, filled with more writing, and meeting other bloggers/writers in the process. Here is a look back at 2015.

My top post for the year, was my first BlogBattle win!!
BlogBattle: Loop – Week 10 – A Day in the Loop

1.   Happy Homemaker Monday 01/19
2.   Five Minute Friday (FMF): Visit
3.   Iditarod 2015
4.   BlogBattle: Blonde – Week 6 – Picture This (My first entry)
5.   See top post above
6.   BlogBattle: Frog – Week 14 – Catch and Release
7.   Monday’s Muse Writing Prompt 06/29
8.   BlogBattle: Time Week 22 – Sparkles in Time
9.   BlogBattle: Distance – Week 27 – Close the Distance
10. BlogBattle: Lurk – Week 33 – Hair Razor (Winner of Blogbattle)
11.  FMF: Dance
12.  BlogBattle: Fallow – Week 38 – Nature’s Haven


1.   Fabruary Day 2
2.   It’s Pi Day
3.   BlogBattle: Cosmic – Week 7 – The Rhythm of Life
4.   BlogBattle: Madness – Week 8 – Don’t Feed the Animals
5.   Flirtin’ With 50
6.   BlogBattle: Drop – Week 17 – Drop a Hint
7.   BlogBattle: Head – Week 26 – Silver Lining
8.   Same as above – Sparkles in Time
9.   Blogbattle: Ride – Week 29 – Some Kind of Ride
10. Blogbattle: Scar – Week 31 – Worth It
11.  Blogbattle: Bottle – Week 36 – The Sun will Rise
12. Blogbattle:Bricks – Week 39 – A Walk in the Snow


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