Happy Homemaker Monday 09/07

HHMHappy Labor Day!!  Had a nice weekend visiting with my brother and his family, who I don’t get to see too often since they live a couple hours away.  His two girls and my two sons are close in age, so it was a good time for everyone.  Glad to have today off, but it is filled with lots of things to do  😐  Enjoy your week!!

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I finished yet another book in the Fool’s Gold Series, by Susan Mallery.  This one is book number 16, in it’s sixth year.  I don’t know how Susan Mallery does it, but this series is so entertaining, and each new book is just as good if not better than the one before it.  The one I just read is Hold Me, and am currently reading Kiss Me.  Yes…yes these are romance novels, but I really enjoy the story of the small town, and all the characters in it, and the friendships that are built with the women of this town.

cinnamonrollbreadtwistsNEW RECIPE I WANT TO TRY THIS WEEK:
My daughter posted this recipe on my FB page suggesting we try them.  They look delicious.  But I think I will be using frozen bread dough, I have this thing about not using yeast, I have never baked with it, and the minute I see it in a recipe I don’t read any further.  I know it can’t be that hard, but…yeah…lol.


and THIS.  I will be trying this today.  Yep, it’s another recipe from Carrie 🙂


My youngest son loves to watch American Ninja Warrior.  Saw this video, and thought it was just adorable!!


My mom’s old jar collection – © 2015 Liv’s Photography



4 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 09/07

    • 🙂 Thanks Joanna!! I’ll let you know how the snack turns out. I like the idea of the antique jar full of buttons. We also have one filled with beach glass, and some rocks, there’s another one somewhere that holds marbles. My mom loves antiques. Hope you have a great week too!!


  1. Sounds like you’re having a lovely long weekend my Dear! Sibling time is always a wonderful thing. 😉

    I’ve added more Susan Mallery to my endless reading list thanks to you Lady! I’m determined to step up my reading this Fall and that’s that!!

    Don’t fear the yeast!! Lol You’d truly have no trouble at all my darling Gal. Don’t let the yeast win the intimidation contest – just get in there and show it who is BoSS!

    Hope you love the caramel apple salad as much as we did! 🙂

    Love your Mom’s bottle collection and I SO Love your garden/library inspiration. So perfect!
    Happy week ahead. xoxo

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    • You can look forward to warm cozy nights with some hot cocoa and a good book. I do suggest starting the Fool’s Gold series. You can go to Susan Mallery’s web site and she has them listed in order.

      LOL…don’t fear the yeast…one day!! We did love the Carmel Apple Salad, my son said that you deserve a trophy for it, I got a big hug (this is the 14 year old), and a “you make awesome snacks mom”…he enjoyed it that much, LOL.

      Have a great week!! xx


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