Five Minute Friday: Alone

It’s been awhile since I’ve joined in with FMF.  But when I saw the word, I had to jump in.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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Recently I have been studying personality types.  I’ve always liked learning about people, and what makes them tick.  I have always known that I am an introvert.  But like most people I really didn’t know what that meant until now.  I LOVE to be alone, I crave it and I need it, and this is something that is the most misunderstood especially when you are surrounded by extroverts.  I have been thought of as rude, or that I am ignoring someone, which then made me think that there was something wrong with me, but there isn’t, and there isn’t anything wrong with extroverts…we’re just different.  But as an introvert, I feel we are looked down upon because of how we interact with people.

Maybe you’ll see yourself in the following characteristics, or someone you know, but this is what I have learned about me…an introvert.

I do enjoy talking, and being social.  I prefer one on one conversations, and can sit and talk with a good friend for hours.  But after that I will need some alone time, this is where my energy is restored.  I do enjoy social get togethers, I can be social and can have fun, but that is not where I get my energy, and I can only do it for so long…afterwards I will need to be alone.  But if I have a choice between a social gathering or staying home and reading a book…well you guessed it, I’d enjoy reading the book so much more.  I’m not a big fan of phone calls, but I will email all the livelong day.  I cannot just pick up the phone to call someone, I think about what that person could be doing, and would this be a good time for them, and thinking that it probably isn’t a good time, I then don’t make the call.  I feel that an email can be read and dealt with when they want to.  I do not like to be the center of attention.

Introverts are intuitive by nature, and observant.  We are in tune to our surroundings, and pick up on moods, and take in everything around us.  Therefore, that is why we don’t like to stay in social settings for long, we need to be alone, recharge and process everything.  So when interacting with an introvert, if you find them distant or quiet, don’t take it personally, what they want you to know is, “it isn’t you…it’s me.”  Respect their need to be alone to recharge, it is crucial for them.


11 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Alone

  1. I’m an introverted-extrovert! LOL! I actually mentioned the whole personality type thing in my post today. I get energy from being around people, but after a while, I need some alone time to recharge. I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs inventory several times and always come out as an extrovert, but I suspect if you look at my score, I’m just *barely* one. I have LOTS of friends who are introverts and their experience is very much like yours. Great post! Stopping by from #97 at FMF!

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    • 🙂 LOL. Another good book is It’s Just My Nature by Carol Tuttle. She breaks done the personality types in only 4 categories, and associates them with nature as well. That one was very interesting too.


      • Oh, that sounds very interesting…I’d love to know what she says about INFJs in relation to Nature….(sorry I’m so late replying: WP delays delivering replies to comments on other WP blogs…)….hope you’re OK xxx

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  2. I’m an introvert myself so I so get you here. I can be an extrovert when I need too but I would much rather have my me time. Visiting from FMF where I’m parked in the #9 spot.

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