Happy Homemaker Monday 07/06


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Happy Monday!!  We had a nice Fourth of July weekend.  It’s a big deal for us, since my youngest son was born on the 4th, this year he turned 10!!  We started our festivities with our town’s firework show on Friday night.  We just walk over to the next block and we can see them perfectly.  We used to be able to just sit in front of the garage, but then all the big new houses went up, obstructing our view.   Saturday was the parade, which is always fun.  This is a small town, and the Fourth of July is pretty serious around here.  My sister actually put out our lawn chairs the night before to claim our spot for the parade on the main street.  #mayberry.  The parade begins with 3 planes flying over, (which I just love), and our local American Legion Veteran’s Color Guard carrying the flags and rifles, followed by the mayor.   My dad was part of that Color Guard for several years, this is the 3rd Fourth of July without him, and it’s still a little difficult not seeing him at the start of the parade, but we have great memories of his involvement with the Veterans and this town.  We ate a lot of food, and of course birthday cake, and fireworks again at night.  From 9 p.m. until midnight, it sounded like a battle zone out here, literally non-stop firework blasts the whole time.  A lot of people out here buy the professional fireworks, so we didn’t have to leave our backyard, to enjoy another fantastic fireworks display.



I haven’t completed anything lately, I’ve only read 1 book for the Summer reading program.  😦

I need to do some more shopping, but have these few things planned:
Cheesy Chicken Pasta, salad and garlic bread
Pork Fajitas

My mom actually found this recipe in a magazine, and knew I had to do it for the Fourth of July.  I thought these would be pretty loud with the Pop Rocks candy and carbonated pop.  It wasn’t too bad, and it actually was good…once you got past the effects of the Pop Rocks.  🙂

Firecracker Floats

Vanilla Ice Cream
Pop Rocks Candy
Strawberry Crush (original recipe called for Lemon Lime pop, but I wanted mine to look more festive, and the Strawberry pop with vanilla ice cream was delicious.

Scoop ice cream in a tall glass, sprinkle 1/3 package of Pop Rocks over ice cream.  Repeat twice ending with Pop Rocks.  Top with Soda

Showed this to my boys and they were like, “you have to make these mom.”  It’s nice that they have such confidence in my cooking abilities, but I think these are a little out of my league.  Besides I don’t think I’d want to eat them, they look way too cool!!

I did attend the Handwriting Analysis Program at the library recently.  It was so interesting.  The speaker was Dale Roberts and first he had us write our signature a few times, then he had us write it with our eyes closed, then with our opposite hand, and then with our opposite hand with our eyes closed.  He asked how we felt when writing with our opposite hand and our eyes closed, most people felt the loss of control, and it was more difficult.  I actually felt it was easier, because I was trying to picture it in my mind, so I felt like I had more control, and there were a few other people who felt the same way.  He said that usually when he does these programs, 10% of the group is left handed, so he was surprised that our group was all right handed, and there was about 20 of us.

He explained how handwriting analysis or Graphology is used in corporate America when hiring employees.  Employers will have the employee answer two questions and hand write their answers, as well as include their signature. This sample gives insight into the employees personality and determines if they would be a good fit for the job, because it can disclose up to 250 different personality traits, including, energy and perseverance, integrity, dependability and how well they follow directions.

There was a lot to it, and it takes quite a bit of knowledge and practice to analyze a handwriting sample.  One thing Mr. Roberts said is that sadly, 10 years from now, there might not be a use for it.  This really showed how important handwriting is, that it’s not just an art form, or something that our kids don’t need to learn with the use of technology.  Here is an excerpt from his book:

A person’s handwriting is an individual’s personal and legal identification for life.  It reflects a personal conditioning since birth and is just as individual as one’s fingerprint.  It has been said that a fingerprint is the oldest and truest personal signature.

Dale Roberts has a website you can check out here:  Write Insights

This was the float that our Library had in the parade.


4 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday 07/06

  1. Your parade and “Mayberry” town sound so similar to mine. 😉
    Glad to hear you had fun and Happy Birthday to your son!!
    Those floats sound like something my kiddos would go bonkers for and I may need to try them over here one of these days. I just need to see if I can get my hands on some pop rocks first (or order some online). Such a fun idea!

    I’m so fascinated by the handwriting analysis. That is just so cool! I tried doing the signature thing with my eyes closed and I definitely did NOT like it and felt out of control. Plus, my signature was beyond scary on that one. Lol It’s so interesting how it’s such a part of our fabric of who we are – and truly sad to think of it as something that will fade away. I think there’s too many of us that like to write and do things by hand that will keep it alive, though, and pass it on through the generations.

    Love your photo and inspiration too! Happy week ahead my Girl. xo

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    • Yes, your kids will enjoy the floats. A new yogurt and candy shop just opened in town, so they have all the candy we remember as kids, so that is where I got my Pop Rocks.

      LOL…you actually tried the signature thing. Check out the guys website, it has a lot of info on there that you would enjoy. It was really cool, I wish I had time to really study it and become proficient in it…maybe someday.

      Happy week to you too!! xx


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