Five Minute Friday: Ready

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“Is everyone ready?  It’s time to go.”  This is a very optimistic inquiry for a family of six.  Yet that is what I remember my dad saying so often when we were getting ready to go anywhere.  He was always the first one ready, waiting for everyone to pile in the car.  Yes…I did say car, and being the youngest, I always ended up squished in, in the most uncomfortable spot.  As it usually went,  it was the four of us kids and my dad waiting for my mom to get in the car.  The standing joke was that she was cleaning the house, so in case it got broken into, the thief wouldn’t be distracted by clutter.

It wasn’t until I was a mom of 4 kids myself that I understood that last minute clean up ritual; who wants to come home to a messy house? Yes, my mom was ready to go, but she was also getting ready for when we returned home.  Just like her I find myself picking up things, taking something out of the freezer to cook when we return, or turning lights on if we are going to be away well into the evening.  I guess I sometimes miss the whole “living in the moment” thing, but I found as a mom…we always have to be ready.


5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Ready

  1. Ah yes, the last minute dash to make sure everything is ready for when you return. My wife and I do it together, thankfully, because if it were up to me who knows what mess we might come home to!


  2. I say that to my own children. They hate the cleaning up before we go, but I know when we get home everyone will be too tired to help! There is always more to do than I could ever have time for!


  3. Hi I found you from the linkup.
    Oh goodness that sounds so much like me! Before I leave for work in the morning there’s always something, or several somethings, to quickly do!


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