Happy Homemaker Monday 09.11.17

Good Evening!!   Hope everyone is doing well. Our weather has been cooler out here, but looks like we can get some warm weather yet. This week my twins will be celebrating their 22nd Birthday, that is hard to believe, wasn’t I just 22 like last year? 😀


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These look so yummy, but I’m not sure I could actually eat a whole one myself, I would like to try them, at least once 🙂




Such a unique and clever idea.



Some time ago, I had posted that my friend Kathleen was raising money and shaving her head for St. Balderick’s Children’s Cancer Research.  Well, she raised over $4000 and one of our local stylists shaved her head while Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” and P!nk’s “So What” blasted through the speakers, totally fitting for Kathleen.

If you missed my separate post last week,  I will share my news with you here.  One of my stories will be featured in an Anthology of scary stories to be released October 1.  Here is the link to pre-order your copy today.  Right now, the kindle version is available, but the paperback will be following shortly.  I am totally excited about this!!


The Box Under the Bed

Order Here!!







Word Weaver Winner’s Profiles: Honorable Mention Winner Carrie Ann Alexis

My second Author Profile. Since I did one back in April, I talk more about the inspiration for my story in this one.

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Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

danyour humble host

The winners of July’s Word Weaver Writing Contestshare their thoughts on the contest, writing in general, and other stuff.

Today our honorable mention winner, Carrie Ann Alexis, was also a winner in our April contest. Carrie Ann answers a few questions about our contest and other writerly things.

(Click HERE to read her contest entry)

DAN: Welcome back to the winner’s circle!

Carrie Ann: Thanks. Since my profile was featured last time, I have only answered a couple of these.

Did you write your story for the contest or was it part of a larger piece or something you had written before?

This was a story I had written before.  I brushed off the dust and applied the tips I received from my critique from the last contest.

There are a lot of writing contest out there. What drew you to this one?


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This is Happening!!

So, as you know, I have received Honorable Mentions in the last two Word Weaver Writing Contests I entered.  Of course, I would have liked a higher ranking, but I was perfectly Okay with it, because I knew this would lead to other opportunities, and it has!!

The host of the contest, Dan Alatorre, has decided to gather a bunch of authors together and compile an anthology.  I was invited to submit a story for consideration.  And….

I made the cut!!  I’m in!!


What does this mean for me?

This will be my FIRST published story

It will be published in a book along with 20+ other authors who will also be promoting the book.  One author sold over 20,000 copies of her debut novel.  Many other contributing authors have huge blog followings, or massive Twitter followings and have appeared in magazines, and other published books.  The editor has 18 published titles and has been translated into over a dozen languages, and is read all over the globe.  A fantastic opportunity for a new author, such as myself, to be included in a project like this.

It will be an awesome learning experience of self-publishing a novel and all that goes into it.

Did I mention this will be my FIRST published story?  Of course I did, that’s a pretty big deal!!


What is it about?

It’s an anthology of scary stories about ghost ships, eerie daydreams, haunted houses and much more.  Entitled:

The Box Under the Bed

What can you do?

Other than be super excited for me?  I’m glad you are, because I am beyond excited!!  You can support not just me, but all of the authors, by pre-ordering the Kindle version of the book.  It will be released October 1, 2017, and be automatically delivered to you then.  More formats will be available at a later date.  Click the link below:



Don’t have a Kindle? Download the free Kindle app for any device. I have one on my phone and I love it!!

Thanks for joining me on this writing journey…

this is just the beginning!!



Happy Homemaker Monday 09.04.17

Good Afternoon!!  I’m back!!  I missed last week’s Monday’s post.  I had been working on a writing project, and the weekend just got away from me.  Then Monday rolled around, and I just didn’t get to it.  But such is life.  Though the writing project has lead to some exciting news I will be sharing in the next couple of days!!  Not much excitement over here, just trying to get my schedule organized with school and the freelance bookkeeping work I have acquired.  Hope everyone is doing well.

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This isn’t a recipe, but some pretty amazing pie designs.  Makes me want to make a pie.





Some fun photoshopping!!




This is our latest addition to our little yard nook.  My mom wanted a pic to send to her friend, so I just went out there one day and took a pic.  But I love how the sun is shining down.  Since then we added the blue stones to it, and I’ve wanted to try and recapture the shot, but have not been able to.







Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaver Writing Contest: the second of FOUR Honorable Mentions, “Sparkles In Time” by Carrie Ann Alexis

Another Honorable Mention, I’ll take it!!  Such great stories and awesome writers in this contest.

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaver Writing Contest

Word Weaver logi FINAL trimmed

the second of four honorable mention awards

* Honorable Mention *

Sparkles In Time

by Carrie Ann Alexis

This one’s bittersweet. I liked the flow of the story but right away I knew it wasn’t gonna be fun.

Great job with this.

This story and the other Honorable Mentions, along with a profile of each of their authors, will be featured on the blog. They are really good.

DON’T FORGET: ALL contestants not winning first, second, or third place will be put into a drawing for other prizes!

HERE are some of the AMAZING AUTHORS whose books will awarded:

renovatio-ebook-v4Allison MaruskaProject Renovatio. Author of the runaway bestseller The Fourth Descendant, Allison Maruska offers an audio book version of her latest hitProject Renovatio.

With over 550 reviews on Amazon, The Fourth Descendant established Allison as an amazing breakout author…

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